March 21st: Happy Spring !

It’s time for some positive reinforcement. Life is tough, shit happens, yadda yadda yadda. ‘The School of Life’ is still my go-to when, even though I’m feeling fine, the anxiety feels take over bit by bit. Hereby I am saying “Well done!” to myself, and to you my dear reader. It’s finally spring! We did it! We survived another winter in this crazy world of ours.

  • Charlotte

    Love your post, and that it’s finally springtime….! So happy! <3

  • That’s such a lovely video, and good to remember too. Good on you for surviving another winter!

  • I love those school of life videos. I don’t watch every one they post but they’re always pretty insightful and I love the range of topics they cover and how eloquently they can talk about delicate things.

  • what a great motion art! I wonder how long you took to draw all of them ;)