Semper Femina

 Confession: I’m a Laura Marling fangirl and have been one ever since ‘Alas, I Cannot Swim’.

Friends! It’s finally here! The new Laura Marling album full of brilliant, easy tunes — and pretty deep lyrics. Semper Femina is a soothing, strong and feminine piece of music I’d like to spend at least my whole weekend listening to while the light enters my room and while I’m sprawled on the ground staring at the ceiling.

To be honest, I’m still at that stage of listening to the album when you’re just still marvelling at the tunes of most songs. I wonder if it’s a universal thing, or just a thing I have a a non-native English speaker — but whilst lyrics are very important to me and can make or break an song, it’s not the first thing I pick up on when I listen to a song. Lyrics are very hard to miss though, with Laura Marling. She always makes this perfect harmony between her voice and her guitar. Reading up on where this album has come from, I can’t help but remain interested and intrigued.

And I feel like with Laura Marling’s music — I should really listen to the lyrics. I shared her podcast ‘Reversal of the Muse’ with you a while ago — so I hope you know that she’s the kind of fierce feminist figure I like to get my inspiration from.

The following text is something I literally copy-pasted from the description-box below the YT video, because I thought it was a perfect description:

“Semper Femina is Laura Marling’s sixth studio album. It was largely written on the road, following the release of Laura’s acclaimed album, Short Movie, in spring 2015. Its loose lyrical thread strings together her keen, freshly observed take on womanhood, and what Laura describes as a particularly ‘masculine time in her life’.
It is a record that similarly addresses questions of how society views sexuality and gender but without seeking to provide definitive answers. It retains an openness to express and portray her own ‘voyage’ of self-discovery, but also to develop and learn as artist, performer, and as an individual over the course of her career.
A rich and enriching listen, Semper Femina is a typically mature and raw record by one of our most talented and prolific young musicians of a generation.”

I’d like to think that I’ve been growing up from teenage into adulthood with her music. And it might sound weird, but when listening to her new album I feel like I am actually growing up into a strong and awesome woman who is able and that I can feel proud of.  Being a bit averse to self-flattery, this is a tough thing to say for me. But I think that it is really, really beautiful her music did that for me.

I’d recommend you to find ‘Semper Femina‘ on Spotify, YouTube or wherever you can give it a listen. Allow yourself a moment of your time to let her music sink in.

Have a good weekend, pals! x

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