Happy January

 Hello friends~! I think I’m just in time to wish you all a happy new year still! It’s been a little while since we’ve talked. And I need to ask you guys a tiny favour.

You see, I intend to fully enjoy 2017. And I actually thought of, and made my resolutions early this year. And there is this little thing that I really want to do: dwell on the particulars of each season and month. Really become more aware and conscious of the little things that life has to offer us.

hello january

I am not a fan of winter, I prefer spring over everything. But I realise that each season has tiny pleasures that I only need to become aware of. I’d like to compile a little list for myself, and write them down in my notebook, or on the blog. So that I can actually become aware of them. And here’s where I’d like to ask you guys that favour, because I’m pretty stuck.

What do you like about January? Or what do you like about winter in general? And maybe even, is there anything you’re looking forward to in February?

All I’ve come up with is the sound of snow crunching below you feet. But surely, that cannot be all?

Happy January, friends!

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