Resolutions & ‘upping’ my game

It has become a little tradition for me, to revive myself and this blog during Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas. And because I record my resolutions yearly, it makes me want to become better at keeping them. But also be better at making them. So I’m starting ‘early’ this year (before Christmas!!).

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about the concept of a bucket list. The main reason we had this conversation was because bucket-lists don’t really work out that great in day to day life. It’s a bit of a ‘someday’ thing. And we all know that ‘someday’ is not a day in the week. Someday hardly ever happens. We’ve got to actively pursue the things we want to do, and convert our somedays to everydays.

Ok, so maybe not every day. But day-to-day life can do with a little more ‘someday’. And I figured: what better way to start out then with resolutions. And maybe we can start out changing our habits a little bit – and that’s where we go full circle (it’s not big of a circle) again for the everyday resolutions.

Bottom-line/tl;dr: in my opinion resolutions are still not bullshit and we can still better ourselves in our daily lives to become better persons with more fun lives.


I decided I could categorise my resolutions… but then I thought it’d be too much a hassle. So now I just call my categories my ‘inspiration’ and you can see for yourself.

#01: Stay true
#02: Keep connected
#03: Make more

I think, and hope, these resolutions will make me more aware and feel more alive. I am determined to make 2017 a bloody great year, and y’all are going to know it! Because I’m going to step up my blogging game. I hope you’re ready! (I am even already using “y’all” in my sentences!!) — another reason for me posting resolutions this early, is so that I maybe can pick up a new resolution or two from you guys.

#01 Finish (at least) 3 embroidery projects
This is a continuation of a resolution I had last year. And guess what, I like embroidery a lot and I am planning to continue. I want to finish – and share – 3 embroidery projects this year that I feel proud about. Practice makes perfect – and it gives me time away from screens.

#02 Watch 12 memorable movies
I haven’t seen any movie in cinema this year. And if I did, it wasn’t very memorable. It’s not that there weren’t any movies I wanted to see this year. I just didn’t plan on going to the cinema and watch them. The resolution is not called “watch 12 movies in cinema”, and of course I did watch a few movies this year that were really worth my while. But I want to really indulge myself in good cinematographic works and prioritise this in life.

#03 Read 12 books
This is kind of self-explanatory. A book a month, easy does it.

#04 Start studying Japanese again
I’ve been infected by ‘studyblr’ — and so I want to pick up some studying again. And I’ve only ever gotten around hiragana and katakana. If not now, when?

#05 Keep a diary/agenda
I’ve gotten a diary for this year. And I am actually going to keep it. And I am going to better my handwriting and find cool quotes, and up my productivity and learn good hand-lettering and put my  diary full with cute stickers. pastelsquares

#06 Do the #InstaxChallenge
In 2015 one of my fave blogs started this and I was instantly sold – only to forget all about it by February. The Cat, You & Us did a #InstaxChallenge where they made a polaroid picture with their instax camera each month. And this year I’m going to do it too! A whole year!!

#07 Make 6 trips
This one too, is inspired by one of my fave bloggers. This past year Nat did a #take12trips and I loved seeing all her adventures on her blog. And even though I’d really love to take 12 trips, I think I should be lucky if I could plan – and make – 6. A change of scenery is sometimes all we ever need. So I am going to really work on this and make it happen!

#08 Find a new home
After coming back from my trek and volunteering experience in Japan I was absolutely flat-broke. I had to move back in with my parents and find a job asap. I was done with artsy-people and wanted to broaden my skills but still have time for myself so started at the customer service where I currently still work. I probably should’ve made ‘find a more suitable job’ or something on my resolutions, but I didn’t. I want to find myself a new home — and make a little new beginning.

#09 Get enough rest
All very exciting resolutions. But I need more rest. More self care. More self love.

#10 Try (at least) 12 new recipes
This one is a bit of a bonus, because I love love love food. And I know I’ll be able to try so many new recipes. But I really want to plan and make 1 new thing every month this coming year. And if it’s any good, maybe even share it on the blog. :-)



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