recently, randomly [3]

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a bit rough these past couple of weeks. And as I feel the seasonal depression creeping in, I am really trying my best to wrap myself with pre-Christmas-cheer. I’ve decided to put the Japan-posts on hold for just a little while, and really focus on the right-here-right-now time. Let’s go~!


I’ve got a couple of links I’d like to share with you. Like the John Lewis Christmas ad for this year, as it genuinely made me laugh and feel all fuzzy inside. But also, Tom Rosenthal is so on point with his lyrics again in  ‘This Road is Long’.

Recently I saw the movie ‘Love and Friendship’. It was a really lovely adaption of Jane Austen’s Lady Susan and it made me snicker and cringe a lot, it was beautiful.  Another thing I saw, was Phil from Wong Fu Productions rap with Tom Hanks and it was so awkward and glorious.

Recently I’ve been made made brutally aware life is really hard for some people. Like… really, really hard, as I’m well aware life has never really been a breeze. So I just wanted to keep it a bit light and uplifting today. I got this little bit about dealing with dissatisfaction with ourselves in my mailbox from Zen Habits, which I really wanted to share.

It turns out that these feelings are perfect opportunities — to learn about ourselves and how to be friends with ourselves. Here’s how:

  1. Each time we have these feelings, we can pause and just notice.
  2. Turn towards the feeling, seeing how it feels in your body. Be curious about how it feels, physically.
  3. Instead of running from this feeling, stay with it. Instead of rejecting it, try opening up to it and accepting it.
  4. Open yourself up to the pain of this feeling, and see it as a path to opening up your heart. In this way, getting in touch with the pain is a liberating act.
  5. See this difficult feeling as a sign of a good heart, soft and tender and loving. You wouldn’t care about being a good person, or a “good enough” person, if you didn’t have a good heart. There is a basic goodness beneath all of our difficulties, and we just need to stay and notice this goodness.
  6. Smile at yourself, and cultivate an unconditional friendliness to all that you see.

I’m not saying that solving dissatisfaction with ourselves will solve everything (it sure won’t solve the election of the orange monster, or our lack of time and money to pursue our dreams on a short-term basis… but I hope it’ll help a bit with the here and now).

So if you were looking for a little sign…this is it. You’re loved and valued. I hope you have a good weekend. :)