Matsuyama, a surprise visit


Matsuyama was particularly dreary when I visited it. But judging from everything I did see, it was wonderful. It made me want to put Shikoku on another travel itinerary in the future, and return to this town.

matsuyama mascot

Matsuyama was a really short stop, and I really had not prepared very well for this place. But for the limited time I had there… it was wonderful. Matsuyama has a beautiful castle on a hill that you get to with a rope-way. The bath-house in Matsuyama is supposed to be what the bathhouse in Spirited Away was based on… but I didn’t really see the resemblance… maybe it was the dull rain, and the fact that in my head nothing is as perfect as that bathhouse in Spirited Away……oh well. It was pretty, but I was just not in the mood. Silly me.

Instead, I really enjoyed going to Muji and doing a little bit of shopping there. Yeah, maybe I’m a philistine?

matsuyama vieww matsuyamajo city viewrainrain rain cookies from shodishima

In Matsuyama I had myself some room-service as I stayed in one of the only pricey accommodations during my trip. And I was really craving what they had on their menu. And it was raining cats and dogs outside. And I was really much more feeling the eating-dinner-in-pyjamas-while-watching-Youtube then dress up a bit and eat alone in a busy restaurant full of couples and families. Yeah…granted there aren’t too many pictures. The other night I did get myself some great Yoshinoya because comfort-food is the next-best thing for the soul.

yoshinoya yumyum

Ps. Matsuyama was my turning point. It was where I posted this little blog and realised a lot about myself. My inner voices were mostly defeatist, panic-ridden and humiliating. And realising that I actually had the ability to be my own best friend for real, was a pretty hard lesson to learn. I think that’s one of the main things this trip has taught me. I am so, so much closer to my own self. And it’s actually refreshing. But I want to talk about this all another time, when the trip is done on the blog.

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