on life & dreams: a note to self


Life can get a little messy sometimes. I think we all experience rough patches, if not rough years. Everyone has their own cross to bear. And while it sounds really straightforward, it’s vitally important to remember exactly that throughout the good and bad times. I’m well aware on the state of the world that we’re living in now. And I do try my best to put things more and more into perspective recently.

Bad things happen all the time. But so do good things! I feel like we’re being pushed into having opinions about everything and anything. Social Media plays a big role in that, but it’s mostly mainstream media that gets on my nerves. I feel like they etch-a-sketch a false view on the world and shove it towards the main public to just paralyse our brain with all the batshit crazy things that happen. And sure, that may not be the case…but I feel like that.

So instead I decided that I am actively pursuing happiness and trying to choose happiness over, for example, worry or fear.  It’s not that I won’t allow myself to feel hurt, or whatever, it’s more that I will acknowledge my feelings. Work them out. And move on. Actively choosing happiness makes me want to become more compassionate towards other people and towards myself. Love thy neighbour as thyself.



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