Autumnal tunes

Hey you, honeybody! I’ve got some tunes that have made my days so so so much better lately. Between you and me, that’s quite a feat. And since music is pretty much a big chunk of my life (ohhh, all dem emotions!) I figured that sharing music would basically be sharing about life. And that’s kind of what I wanted to do more since I last wrote my resolutions for this year. So here goes!

Real life background music… that’s kind of the idea. See, I really like music. Like… really, really like music. Working at a customer service department that has more or less a daily 2 hour commute (to and fro together) it means I really get to enjoy my music. Which is such a good thing, because after a whole day of complaints and silly conversations…I really like my headphones. ;)

Kishi Bashi has a new album, and I was very tempted to put every single song down here. Also, Bon Iver has a new album. Idem dito. And then there was also the funky, wacky new music from Shugo Tokumaru I wanted to share. So I’ve chosen for a little eclectic mix.

Oh, and I haven’t even started on the Christmas music. Which is a good thing, I guess. I’ve decided that, since the new She & Him Christmas album (!!!) is coming out on October 28, I will only start on those from November 1st. Brace yourself, kids!