The Best Day Trip: Shōdoshima [ 小豆島 ]

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Okay, okay… let’s get something straight here. My time in Japan was somewhat like a series of ‘best-day-trips’ one day after another. But Shōdoshima will always be a special place. It was a beautiful day and I was in great company, that’s always going to make things instantly better. Let me show you why I want to go back and explore more!

is the second largest island in the Setō Inland Sea. The island is part of the Kagawa prefecture and is just north of Takamatsu… you know, the city with that beautiful park. The name literally means “small bean island”. That would refer to the azuki bean, but nowadays it more or less refers to the olives. The island has traditionally been a producer of soy sauce and now is even better known for its olive plantations. Talking about olives, yes… that would remind of you of Italy and Greece… and the island does! It has a Mediterranean atmosphere, with it’s olive trees everywhere and a beautiful white Grecian windmill.

OK, now you know about Shōdoshima. I stayed in Takamatsu when I visited the Island. My friend Yuka, who I met in Kyoto and Osaka, has family (which I met in Osaka too) who were planning on staying with relatives during Golden Week. And, surprise surprise, we would be in the same area around the same time. They were so kind to invite me to enjoy a day on Shōdoshima with them… so that’s what I did.

on a boat giraffe boat

I arrived in the harbour of … I actually don’t know, there are a couple of harbours at Shōdoshima. But we met up soon after I left the giraffe-boat, and immediately went for lunch. My first time nagashisōmen was bloody fantastic. (I told you I had a great day this day, didn’t I?)

nagashi soumennagashi somen

After lunch we actually just toured the island by car, visited several places with great views.

lush angel street views

And there was this amazing (!!!) olive flavoured soft cream.

Apparently there is an live-action version of Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Shōdoshima was one of its filming locations.

fishiescranes doggies cool family mill rice fields

I definitely haven’t seen the whole of Shōdoshima, heck… I’ve actually just seen maybe 20%?! But I am super excited to come back someday and explore more. The narrow strait  called ‘Angel Road’ was only seen from afar, and I am eager to see the Kankei Gorge sometime.

fringers sunset

Next up………Matsuyama! And remember to watch your fringers!! Until soon, folks!

  • i’m dying to try nagashi soumen. especially in summer. it must be really amazing! tbh this is my first time hearing about shodoshima and i’m intrigued! it seems like a lovely place to live and wander. every trip in japan should be the best trip man. ugh <3


  • Charlotte

    Whoa….amazing! Love the nagashi somen…and the olive flavoured soft cream looks yummy as well…love the photos and stories, thanks for sharing, hope to make it to Shodoshima myself someday! :D

  • This place looks super beautiful! I haven’t head of it before, the scenery does look kind of Mediterranean. Olive flavoured ice cream sounds interesting, I can’t really imagine how it would taste haha.

  • I have never heard of this beautiful olive-loving place before :o
    It’s kind of nice to know and see a less touristy and populated
    place like a Tokyo :P
    Therefor I’d love to see this place and love even more to try
    out the olive soft serve!! Xx Ice Pandora

  • I love your posts about Japan! I am learning so much more about the country, especially outside of the most common places that the average visitor goes to.

    Nat // Dignifiable