The Rain in Takamatsu

takamatsu ritsurin

I went to Takamatsu during the start of Golden Week. It was so good, because my friends’ family was going to an island near Takamatsu and invited me for a day. But just before that, I really got to enjoy exploring Takamatsu on a rainy afternoon/night. The highlight? Ritsurin Garden was total bliss.

Takamatsu was my first time off of the main island, Honshu, and onto Shikoku. Everything, but really everything, was in Japanese everywhere. I was so happy with my Japanese SIM-card then and there!

I stayed at a nice and cosy hostel. The owner kindly gave me a map and showed me the nearby places of interest on it. When I said I was going to go to Shodoshima the next day, they also kindly explained to me when and how to get there. If you’re ever in the area, Guesthouse Wakabaya is a winner. It’s cheap, clean and nice.

takamatsu feet Takamatsu Ritsurinn

Ritsurin Garden was huuuuuuuge and b-e-a-utiful! I shan’t say too much, just look at it and realise that in real life it was at least 10 times more beautiful. Needless to say, after visiting Ritsurin Garden, the night began to fall and the rain began to pour: not many pictures were taken after my visit.

Takamatsu Flower Takamatsu Ritsurinnn

In Takamatsu I finished the audiobook of Eleanor and Park during my quick dinner fix at a Seven-Eleven. I think it was because of Golden Week that a lot of restaurants and shops were closed. And that reminded me, I’ll go and talk books sometime soon on the blog.


Next up, Shodoshima! The beautiful Japanese isle of olives and apparently the place where the live-action of Kiki’s Delivery Service was filmed!
Until soon folks!

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