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Hello Internet-friends, I’m back! Work has swallowed me whole and spit me back on the face of the earth. The first few weeks were tough… but now I’m an almost-fully-fledged customer care and service employee. Yep… I answer questions about people’s health-insurance on the phone. I am aware this is not my field of work, and I am aware that I used to have bad phone-phobia. But what the heck… it pays the bills – and I get to learn a thing or two about empathy and health insurance and talking to people. Is that bad? No! Because life is life and I need more time…and money right now. Ok, what else have you missed?

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This summer kind of whizzed past, and I have been a bit occupied with getting slightly on track with documenting my 3 months in Japan. So, ehm… my birthday happened? I had a few really good dinners at one of my fave Japanese restaurants with my fam? Oh, and I’ve been really enjoying the Indian-summer vibes when I get the time to do so.

So! Now that we’ve had recent updates… let’s get on with it. I decided to open up a new topic on the blog where I talk about random things that recently happened or occurred in life, things that kept me occupied – and I aptly titled it ‘recently, randomly’. Golly, I’m so darn original.


Two words: Regina Spektor. Okay, she doesn’t need an introduction right? She’s totally brilliant, makes awesome music, yada yada yada. Her new album is going to be amazing once again.

Now that we’re on the topic of bad-ass women, I was pleasantly surprised to find out Laura Marling did a podcast series called ‘The Reversal of the Muse’. It’s ‘an exploration of femininity in creativity’. It’s been really interesting to hear Laura Marling talk to women in the creative industry talk about their job and their experience in their industry. – Me and my brother are having an ongoing conversation about feminists and ‘if they’re still needed in the western world’. And I am absolutely, fully convinced that feminists are still needed in our western society… but I am aware that feminism is more and more attached to negative stigma. Anyway, I found Laura Marling’s podcasts really super interesting and eye-opening.

I am really wondering now, what are you guys’ stance on the topic of feminism and/or femininity in the industry you work in? – For me, it was somewhat never an option in my head to doubt feminism. I just took what society told me unto my subconscious and now that I’m really thinking and researching the topic, it’s been a real eye-opener. But I find it so hard to explain to others, like my brother. He is, unsurprisingly, not a female so he hasn’t dealt with the same stuff that females do. But then he did grow up with two sisters, was mostly brought up by my mother as my father was a pretty big workaholic. And in his industry/studies (medicine) he says he has encountered a lot of positive-discrimination towards females. I find it really interesting to hear his views and opinions on the subject. But I can’t help but feel annoyed when he disagrees on certain things regarding feminism. But the fact that it annoys me is interesting to me too.

To end today’s catch-up-ramble, I’d like to share with you my favourite recipe for this upcoming season: carrot soup! It was slightly unacceptable for me to share this without an accompanying picture that would make you drool… but alas. It’s a Heidi Swanson original, and it’s really (really!!!) super easy, pure and simple. You do kind of, sort of, really need a blender though. Also, I like mine with a little drizzle of sesame oil.  – Do you have any favourites for this time of year?


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