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osaka mothersday

GAHHH, I typed an intro to this post a trillion times and nothing feels right. So this is it… enjoy!

Osaka doggie Osaka family

I was so happy to invited to my friends’ family get-together. It was nice to be at home somewhere and just enjoy the familial atmosphere. Also, it’s always great to meet nice people. It was so much fun, and the beer and food was delicious. And we agreed to meet each other at Shodoshima at the beginning of May during Golden Week. (but I’ll show you that when I get around that..)

Osaka Coffee Osaka coffee cup

In Osaka I also met up with my friend to have a real good coffee in one of those authentic, independent places that made me feel lost in a Japanese drama. :)

Osaka cute Osaka Castle osaka birds

Aaand I met up with my old high-school friend who was leaving Japan that week – but we had great catch-ups over food and visiting Osaka-jo.

Osaka Food Osaka finish Osaka Flan The food was fantastic, I love exploring the backstreets of Osaka for little gems. Half of the time people don’t speak a work English, but that’s ok… adds to the experience.

I am planning on a little post, consisting of any places I can recommend to anyone interested in going to Japan. But it is taking a lot of time. Maybe I’ll post it what I’ve pushed my whole trip-in-pictures through. ;)

Next up… Himeji!

Osaka streetstyle

  • Charlotte

    Whoa…amazing photos…GIGA PUDDI! ^^ Love the dog on the chair, and the teacup with the flower pattern…and all that lovely food….I miss Osaka so much!!


    the dogs are too cute. and you had a wonderful time in osaka with friends along with amazing food and all! i'm kinda glad this post has no obligatory glico man post XD BRB DAT PUDDING IS CALLING ME

  • I hadn’t heard much about Osaka before but it looks lovely. Sounds like you had a nice time, especially since you got to catch up with everyone!

  • I will definitely visit Osaka in the future! Great photos!!

    marielle was here

  • Ahh, I’ve always wanted to visit Osaka! All that food looks amazing too :)

  • So many meeting ups Louise ^__^
    can’t go wrong with good company and good food right c:
    Xx Ice Pandora

  • I might be late the party, but girl! I’m loving the layout. The colors are so fun, and your new logo (logo? header? title? hahaa) looks so cool! I’ve also been totally gushing over your Japan trip and living vicariously through your Instagram! I really liked Osaka the last time I visited, but it was with my family and I was young so I didn’t do much exploring. I’d definitely love to see your travel guide though. Especially if it’s got lots of food recommendations :D It’ll give me something to dream about, haha!

  • I’d love a post with your tips for visiting Japan and your favourite places to see and things to do. I definitely always do some research and refer to blogger’s guides when I’m visiting somewhere and since you spent so much time all over Japan it would be great to head all your recommendations. :)

    Jessica – littlehenrylee.net