A Morning in Nara

Nara Deer Souvenir

Oh goodness, it seems like a lifetime ago when I had this morning in Nara. I think Nara is a heavily photographed place, you don’t really have to have gone there to know what it looks like. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to go and it certainly does not mean that I didn’t enjoy every minute of my little excursion.

Nara Deer Cookies Nara Surroundings Nara Temple

Nara is beautiful. The deer are beautiful. And they really do attack people if they want more food.

Nara Souvenirs 2 Nara souvenirs

Also, the souvenirs in Nara are beautiful. And maybe just a little weird – but then again…we’re in Japan.

Nara Wishes an Prayers Nara Todaiji Nara Budda
I don’t know why exactly but Buddha statues seem to freak me out sometimes. They tend to be huuuuge and look down on you a lot. But all the temples in Nara were beautiful!

nara matcha nara pancakesNara Zensai

My friend and I went for lunch at this place my friend saw in a little booklet (she was lured by the pancakes, and they did not disappoint one bit).
I really enjoyed my lunch too (Matcha Latte and a zensai – hot red bean soup), even though I for sure did not order according to the hot weather. But I didn’t care… it was so delicious and beautiful.

Did I tell you already how beautiful I find Nara? ;)

Nara End

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