On Aichi Prefecture and the volunteering experience (pt. 2)

tokoname festival

Okay! I arrived in Tokyo today, to have my final week of my trip. So what better to get back to the events of early April to Mid-April: enjoying the countryside of Aichi Pref.! This time more about the fun stuff I got around to do when I wasn’t doing any volunteer-work.

I was pretty happy to hear that the family at which I stayed offered me their bicycle for my own use. So whenever I felt like exploring or going to the post office I could just go. Riding a bicycle in Japanese countryside though, it feels right out of any anime I used to watch when I was a kid. Then I was also lucky enough to be right around festival season. Every spring there is this sort of festival with huuuuge, high carts made of wood and loads of pretty fabric. And although I still don’t quite know what this festival is called – or what exactly it is for (my hosts were just about as good at English as I was at Japanese…it didn’t work so much haha). But it was so nice, as my host family took me to Tokoname on the weekend, and later in the week we went on foot to the festival in our own town.

tokoname stone tokoname donuts

The festivals was really nice, in Tokoname there were loads of nice food stalls lined up. And the festival in our own town was very small and they were handing out free popsicles because it was very hot that day.

Inside these carts, behind the pretty fabric curtains, there would come out a doll that would be moved by three different people. And then this doll would perform a little act/dance while the cart was facing the shrine.

tokoname festivall tokoname festival 1 tokoname takoyaki tokoname stands

At a certain point the people of the carts would go up and throw down mochi and sweets. It was so weird to see as a lot of the people surrounding the carts would go into a frenzy and go absolutely crazy for the free stuff. They were going wild for a little lollipop or something…

tokonamee agui festivalll 3 agui festival 4 slippers agui agui festival 2

I mean.. look at those faces!!

agui festivallie agui festivall2

It was wonderful to experience… and I’ll probably leave this post at that. Just a load of pictures for me to look back on and you to hopefully enjoy.

Until soon folks! x

agui festival agui festival cute

*I thought these people were the cutest…

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