Day 29: being 1/3 into the trip


Hello! I’m in Osaka! Yesterday I left Kyoto, where I’ve stayed for almost 2 weeks and really got to explore the area and get used to travel alone. I’m on one-third of my trip now. There are 2 more months before I leave this place and get to go to my home country and start living a life there again. Kyoto was so nice – as was Nara (a little day trip a few days ago). And now that I’m in Osaka having my own airbnb apartment I finally get to realise how unbelievably tired I am. And man, I feel knackered!

I am allowing myself a little break here in Osaka. Last time I visited I think I saw the highlights of the city. This time I will just enjoy the food, visit Mt. Koyasan for a little day trip and relax a lot at my airbnb during all the ‘spare-time’ I get. Next week (starting Sunday) is going to be a week full of travel. And I am slowly getting an aversion for my backpack. I know that I really can’t complain, I will be visiting lots of nice places… but being such a homebody and being so far away from home for such a long time has left me a little homesick. Sometimes I am really wondering why I am doing this again. So I am really allowing myself a little break here in Osaka. I’ll be fully restored and pumped to visit Himeji, Takamatsu, Shodoshima and Matsuyama next week!!

Have a good day and until soon~!


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