Day 16: Regarding Sakura


Oh, dear reader! One of the many reasons I am in Japan right now is actually because of the cherry blossom. You see, I figured that if I were to go to Japan for 3 months, I might as well see the sakura phenomenon this country is so famous about. Sakura, or the viewing of it which is called hanami, is a big deal here.

The fleeting moment that sakura can be found all over Japan is usually around the start of April. The fun fact here is that he start of April also is the start of the new schoolyear/workyear/whatever-you-do. I was informed that nearly every school/educational institute has cherry-blossom on its grounds. Which is one reason the Japanese have many, many nostalgic memories about sakura.

The ‘mere’ life of the cherry blossom apparently symbolises new beginnings, the fleeting moments of life, and also hope.

I loved to discover that sakura is so ingrained in the collective memory of the Japanese people. That sakura will always signify something sentimental to them. Even though most probably not the same to anyone, but similar feelings or sentiments will arise within all those people once sakura-season starts.

Seeing Hanami happening irl is so cool too! This is where people storm the parks and go for a picnic and have a little party beneath the trees with friends. I think it’s truly wonderful and something I aspire to make a tradition of myself in the coming years!

For me, sakura will also signify a new start. Hopeful as I may be, I would like to think of this trip as the start of something wonderful.

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Yes, this is just a handful of sakura pictures. And by no means, this is not the end of sakura on my blog!