Day 14: A Tune

All the hopes that you’ve been holding onto for so long
And the fires you’ve been chasing down now are all gone
I can tell you are a long way from the one you love
Oh the night it takes so long to fall

Just before I departed to Japan, my brother send me a little playlist. A little something-something with the premise it being the tunes, that once I’ll be back into the daily grind of 9 to 5 work in Holland (or wherever live will take me) I will think back of this trip. Now I will think that is the case. But I can’t shake the feeling that, although the playlist mostly consists of pretty catchy songs, there is a hidden message my brother has send me.

And if not, it is probably my subconscious doubting life choices, resurrecting the past, pondering over mistakes and mishaps. I have fond memories with Basia Bulat’s music. I heard her for the first time when she was just before Sufjan Stevens’ gig, last September. But somehow it feels bittersweet.

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