86 Days of Idiocy/Adventure: Arrival


“Is this 8 or maybe 6? Or 86 days?”
“That 86 days, yes.”
“It’s going to be a grand adventure…!”

I’m here! I’m in Japan!

When I arrived in Japan on yesterday, Thursday March 31st, I had quite a horrid journey to be honest. During my flight (I finally saw the Abominable Bride Sherlock-special AND watched The Intern – both pretty nice!) there was quite a bit of turbulence, and as my motion-sickness got worse on board – they were starting to serve airplane-breakfast. And as you may know, airplane-breakfast is the smelliest kind of all meal-possibilities on board. Not sure why, but it’s horrible. As I was slowly and steadily getting more and more sick to my stomach, I also became increasingly claustrophobic. Looking down from the window all I saw were mountains and rivers. We were nowhere near Narita Airport yet, and every minute felt like an hour.

As I got picked up from the airport, I experienced my first earthquake in Japan. It was very short, and pretty…weird but cool! Being picked up by a familiar face, and having time to catch up and have chats in the car about sakura, was great. I must say, I had been really looking up to that flight, and now that I’m here in Japan I’m very happy that it’s only after 85 days that I have to take the plunge again to board the plane. And now I am happy to be here.

After a shower in the afternoon, after getting my Japanese SIM-card and after having the pleasure of sharing a kaiseki dinner with great company, I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. It’s weird how flying isn’t really getting out of my system yet – or maybe just jetlag.

Today, Friday 1st, I’ve been doing a lot of 花見 (hanami: flower viewing) and 夜桜 (night viewing of sakura). Visited the nearest parks in Musashino (Kichijoji/Mitaka more specifically). And just enjoying the general splendour, with the occasional yummy dish. I’m thinking of doing weekly round-ups or something along the lines. So I can curate the images sometime during the week when I get the time (a.k.a. give myself time too).

I hope you’re all well and wonderful. I’ll see you around, folks! x

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