Marble Machine

When things involve intricate little machines and funky tunes, I’m usually interested. While I’m packing for 3 months (how do people do this?!) I am putting in this little hiatus for ‘best of the internet’-post for a couple of months. I probably won’t be much of a help with sharing ‘the best’ of ‘the internet’ (according to me) when I’m hardly ever online. I am also taking this opportunity to announce that I’ll probably be doing things a little different around here soon, I will still post as I’ll bring my ancient macbook with me to Japan. But I’m not too sure on how much and what exactly I’ll be sharing as time-behind-the-computer is going to be limited.

Oh this trip is going to be mind-blowing. Let’s see if I’ll be a completely new person in 3 months?
I hope your Easter was as lovely as can be – and much less stormy than here in Holland. Until soon, folks!

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