Masala Chai

masala chai

Hej hej! It’s already midweek!! Something a bit new on the blog, I’m sharing my new favourite nail polish with you. I’m still figuring out if it’s just because of the colour that I really like, or the staying-power/price combination. It’s a polish from the H&M Beauty range, in the colour ‘Masala Chai’. It’s a slightly pink-ier white than ‘off-white’. And I like the light colour on my nails, as I think it looks good with my skin tone.

np2 np3

I have a desk job that involves lots of people-contact and some handling with money. No real hard work with my hands, but I wanted a polish that didn’t chip so easily at the touch of keys on a keyboard. My other two limitations were 1) quick to dry, and 2) affordable. This little one cost me only 5 euros. And the light colour is a bit of an odd one out in my otherwise red and pink nail polish collection, but I’m very pleased!

I hadn’t tried anything from the H&M Beauty range before, and when I went into town the other day to get some presents from my friend, I couldn’t help but pop in the new H&M store we have in Amsterdam – which had a Beauty section. I like the design of the whole range – but there are some things that I just find weird to buy from a clothing brand, like hairspray. I always wonder: will it actually work?

Next to the Masala Chai I also picked up an eye-shadow cream in ‘Champers’, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by that too. Mind you, I didn’t have very high expectations from H&M Beauty.

Happy Wednesday friends!

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