The Best of the Internet #23


And yet another month goes by! Spring is coming soon… and departure and moving out and… well…Luckily, February didn’t fly by too quickly, though it’s a bitch that it ends so early! One day somehow makes all the difference? I’ve been going through city centre Amsterdam a bit more the last couple of weeks… just to breathe in the city while I still can, eh? So here’s one of my favourite sights: crossing the Blauwbrug and gaze down the Amstel.

Anyway, every once in a while you stumble on something great on the internet you just can’t keep to yourself. These are my finds of February. Lots of random things, as usual!

Travel Man is something absolutely amazing, the episodes with Noel Fielding in Copenhagen or Chris O’Dowd in Vienna are very nice – but I adored the one with Mel Giedroyc in Paris. If you don’t know Travel Man, it’s Richard Ayoade’s travel show where he and another British celeb/comedian go on a mini break.

Live at Grillby’s is a bit in relation to my favourite of last month: Undertale. It a jazz version of some tracks of the soundtrack of the game and I loved it. I am loving everything Undertale-related still. Sigh…

Slack is something I quite randomly stumbled upon duringthis videofrom Karlie Kloss on her Youtube Channel. It’s a dedicated space you put out for your team, to communicate online to finish your teamwork. It has hubs to several cloud-storage-servers and well.. It’s really…neat and orderly. It’s that right now I don’t work in a team where I need to communicate online with them, but I thought the concept was really cool. (And their Slogan is: “be less busy”. I mean…!)

How I became A Ninja is one that was featured on this blog a few years ago. But I stumbled upon it again, and I loved it again. It’s a little story about someone who finally realised he could pursue his childhood dream.

Rise Of the Superstar Vlogger is a BBC documentary about Youtube sensations, a.k.a. famous vloggers. I watch more Youtube than regular TV, to be honest….I don’t even own a TV anymore. So I thought I should see this… a little breakdown on and with the people who are having a strong voice in the Youtube Community and about the good and bad things of the Youtube platform. I quite actually liked it, to be somehow up close with some people I know and do not know in the Youtube community – and with knowing I mean watching…but it sounds less stalker-ish. It’s quite a long one though.

James Corden Sends His Parents to Super Bowl 50 was a video from the Youtube Channel of the Late Late Show with James Corden. It was so cute to see them being all goofy and having a great time. They made everything a bit more playful and less stern somehow. They’re adorable in a very good way.

‘Opt Out: A Simplicity Manifesto’ is yet another good online piece helping you to make your life a little better. Zen Habits is a frequent favourite of mine. The author of Zen Habtis, Leo Babauta, made several of my favourite pieces of advice online that always provoke me to try and better myself and my habits, to improve my style of living. In this particular post he breaks down how we can just simply opt out of the hustle and bustle of nonsense we don’t really need. It’s quite a long one, so just pick whatever applies most to you.

Barbie Vlogs are my new favourite thing, especially this one #09. It’s telling us we can be anything or everything we want. Barbie, yes Barbie, tells us about the family traditions she had during her childhood and proves that we can be kick-ass people.

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