Rushmore (1998)


In 2014 one of my resolutions was to watch all Wes Anderson films. And you know how we never stick to resolutions and so it all doesn’t really matter in the end? Well, I was actually really going strong as I watched every film excluding Rushmore and Bottle Rocket. Yeah, I was actually pretty chuffed with myself for that. Now I was thinking of actually ‘finishing’ that resolution as it was Friday evening, and I just really didn’t want to see or do anything. You and I now both know how very rock and roll I am…

But I’ve got to say, watching Rushmore is one of the best things you can do on a Friday night. – So here is me marking that moment, for what it’s worth.


If you’re somehow not sure whether or not to watch a movie by Wes Anderson because you think the story might be too weird for you? Or just a little too much – Please, do not give in to that thought, I repeat do not give in to that thought. Each of his movies are wonderfully weird in their own way – and it is actually one of the reasons why you should watch them. I was a little hesitant to watch this – I mean, heck…I should have watched it two years ago. But as soon as I was 30 seconds in I know it was a good decision. Wes’ work gives me life.

rushmore6 rushmore7rushmore5

This movie centres around young Max and his interesting habits, friendships and way of coping with life. He goes to a private school (named Rushmore) on a scholarship because he wrote a play many years ago – but soon things work out a little differently than how he had anticipated. It’s rather magnificent. – Rushmore included some pretty brilliant “shoot-me-now” facial expressions, another reason why you should see it, in my humble opinion.


And the music. Oh goodness! It was absolutely wonderful – as expected from any Wes Anderson movie where Mark Mothersbaugh does the soundtrack. But somehow this one was just extra good, thrown in with some good ol’ classics. But then again…can you name one Wes Anderson movie for me where you thought the music was off? Any? No? I thought so.

Maybe I shouldn’t write any more ‘reviews’ on works by Wes Anderson. I feel like a little bit of an overly enthusiastic fangirl who can’t see any faults in his movies. Well, whatever – I hope this encouraged you a bit to see this for yourself if you haven’t already (and if you have, rave about it some more with me).


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