The Best of the Internet #22

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A lot of cool things this month. Mostly seen on Youtube as I haven’t been really up to much else than work, sleep and trying to not be a downer all of the time. Youtube worked wonders (as did Ms. Fisher’s Muder Mysteries on Netflix) and here are my favourites of the past month.

School of Life has been pretty much on fire this month in my opinion. I encourage you to watch Panic Attacks or The Sanity of Madness or Wisdom. But maybe just all three.

Ira Glass is known as one of those ‘very inspirational people’, I never read or seen anything from him, until I saw this. Here he shares his opinion/knowledge on storytelling. And although it is about storytelling, I really like how this could be interpreted for anyone who does creative work. He gives great, honest advise and I love it.

I kind of love the effort Jimmy Fallon does with his show to keep TV interesting and get a bit of inspiration from #TeamInternet/Youtube. He did a bit of photo-bombing in ‘Greetings from Sesame Street‘ style. It was adorable.

WongFu Productions on Youtube is one of my favourite channels since the beginning that I started watching Youtube years ago. If you’re not familiar with WongFu, they started out as a trio of film-makers and they make short films concerning love and life. Last year they released their first feature-length film. The team of WongFu now has grown a little more, and one of the producers is Christine Chen. Here is a little interview with her, she talks about how she loves her work at WongFu but also how she got there. And I’m a big sucker for those kind of stories, maybe because I feel like I haven’t found my niche yet. But hey, inspiring and stuff.

There is a very small chance you haven’t seen this yet, but it’s James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke with Adele and it’s real good.

Earlier this month my friend Laurinde asked me to go to this really cool gig in April. It’s very unfortunate that I’m not able to attend, as it’s Coeur de Pirate touring for her new album called ‘Roses’. And the album, just let me tell you, is fantastic. I loved her French lyrics, but she did some English songs now too. It’s very catch and definitely worth a listen. My favourite so far is probably ‘The Way Back Home‘ or ‘Oublie-moi‘.

Donal Skehan is a great food-blogger/chef/youtuber from Ireland. He always shares a healthy, easy and delicious recipes on his blog or his youtube channel. But when I came across this, I just thought it deserved a little mention. The blue zones are getting more and more attention these days – I read about them earlier in Jamie’s ‘Everyday Super Food’ and they’re occasionally mentioned in magazines or papers. Donal visited the island of Ikaria and shares 5 healthy lifestyle ‘secrets’ he learned during his stay. And they actually make so much sense.

And then there’s a little odd one maybe. Have you heard of the game Undertale? It’s really snazzy and sassy and cool, and I am addicted to the soundtrack. It’s 8bit inspired and maybe just really geeky. But I loved it this month.

Also, Award Season is in full bloom. The Golden Globes were complete again with Ricky Gervais. And the Oscars are up and coming! Very excited with Chris Rock as host. I am trying to watch some nominations before the big night, but only the ones that really interest me. So I’ve seen Joy, which was really good. I think I’ll go and watch The Martian, The Big Short and Bridge of Spies. But most of all nominees, I’m very looking forward to see Spotlight. What about you? Do you like to see the movies during Oscar season? – Also, movie-related… have you seen the trailer of Hail! Caesar? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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