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hiroshima shukkeien leaf

Yes! The final bunch of my pictures from Japan is coming up! I put in a few days of my week in Hiroshima together here. As my sister got to travel to Fukuoka and then returned home, I stayed on in Hiroshima for a week. This was because, well… half of the research for my thesis took place in Hiroshima. I kind of had to be there for that. Which, in all fairness had to be done, because I had been having some wonderful days off. So these are all short trips within Hiroshima – on days that I was also working on my research.

For those interested, I will be doing a separate post on the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (and the Museum in particular). As this was where my research took place.

hiroshima 1 hiroshima shukkeien 4hiroshima shukkeien pearshiroshima shukkeien splithiroshima shukkeien fishieshiroshima shukkeien islandhiroshima shukkeien split 33hiroshima shukkeien teahouse hirsohima shukkeien 2

We (meaning Kumiko, Charlotte and I) went to Shukkeien, a wonderful garden in the city centre of Hiroshima. It was very peaceful and all we really got up to was feeding the fishes and discuss the meaning of ‘wabi-sabi’ here. It was a really lovely morning of relaxing and understanding Japanese culture a bit better.

It was a shame that the weather wasn’t more sunny – but only for the sake of the pictures. Because really, walking around in a beautiful garden like this one eases the nerves. The temperature was great, so really nothing to moan about here.

hiroshima skukkeien hiroshima shukkeien split 1 hiroshima shukkeien dryhiroshima trees

Afterwards we went for lunch together, before going our own ways. Hiroshima-style Okonimyaki was wonderful, to be honest – I like pretty much all okonomiyaki. Especially when in good company.

hiroshima making okonomiyaki hiroshima making okonomiyaki 2

Seeing the Genbaku Dome for the first time was really impressive. My sister was leaving this day, so we just sat in the Peace Memorial Park discussing life and thing that mattered that the time. Our dreams, and fears – and my thesis writing. We decided to go in for a ‘quick trip’ through the museum – so that I could later discuss my findings with her…as she then would know what I was talking about.

hiroshima genbaku dome hiroshima peace memorial park children monument hiroshima pmm hiroshima pmm 2

That night we ate really nice homemade korokke (コロッケ). It’s a bit of a Japanese version of a croquet, but than a version I actually enjoy haha – I’m not really a picky eater…I promise!) I think I overate a bit, as the whole night I was just getting so sleepy and had a bit of a stomach ache. But it was so tasty!! The desserts at my family in Hiroshima were always top-notch, way up my street.. ;)

hiroshima dinner uchidas 2 hiroshima dinner uchidas hiroshima caki

The next day I was on my own, venturing the city… getting to know the place more – apart from it being the city that was once struck by disaster (called the atomic bomb). I visited Hiroshima Castle and a very lovely European modern art museum.

hiroshima castle hiroshima castle park hiroshima castle misty view hiroshima castle horsehiroshima european modern art museum

You see, it was right around this time where I was somehow feeling a little homesick, a bit of a stranger in a strange town. A bit of an outsider peeking into other peoples lives. Not being able to talk proper Japanese to people, and obviously being different (blonde, tall, etc.) to the people around me didn’t really help either. So I sought solace in art, and it worked a lot. And then I got myself some anpan and I kind of got over being lost in translation.

hiroshima shoppingu

On these last couple of days I also did some more shopping, getting a small suitcase in Donki (DonQuijote) and some cute stuff from SOGO and Loft. Retail shopping always does the trick in times like these, no? I guess next time I go to Japan, and venture on my own for a while, I will get myself portable wifi, to help me find my way and not feel as lonely.

Psst! Only 2 more blogs left on this Japan trip!

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