Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful, lovely and sweet Christmas together with your friends and family. I hope you had a great time to spend with those you love, celebrating whatever you celebrate on Christmas. And I know you all know this by now, I love the simple message of Christmas, the birth of Christ and a little reminder of all the humble and lovely things. I am a bit sad Christmas 2015 is over now, though we try to keep the humble and lovely will stay in our hearts the coming year. – Here are a few of my favourite things this past Christmastime.

The run-up to Christmas to me is always a time of meeting with friends and watching loads of Christmas-y films (my new favourites this year were no doubt Arthur Christmas, Santa Paws and Holiday in Handcuffs – next to my old favourites/The Classics: The Holiday, Love Actually and the Muppets Christmas Carol).

I met up with my sister for dinner somewhere in the beginning of December, this usually involves us indulging in Japanese food. This time was no exception.

christmas start

Later during the month I met up with a really, old high school friend of mine and we totally hit off again and went to this ice-sculptures festival in Zwolle. Afterwards we went for that usual three-hours in a cafe chatting away, forgetting about time thing.

zoo iceice ice baby ijsbeelden pandaabarnbrood

My brother and I visited my sister’s new place in The Hague and we all went for Chinese food at a restaurant called Full Moon. I loved all the food, apart from the pig-feet. The bubble-tea cup had a handmade drawing on it, which I found pretty neat!

dimsummmm yum yum dim sumeggtartsyay bubbleteacar journeys
I threw a little Christmas-dinner-party on the 12th this year, just for a couple of my friends and I absolutely loved it. Made a whole lot of food, just to indulge ourselves and catch up a bit. I think it’s always a bit awkward, those types of parties since my friends aren’t really friends with each other – they’re just my friends. But it’s also really nice that when you invite cool people, they will usually find each other pretty cool company as well. We played games, ate and laughed a lot. Good times.


On Christmas Eve I went to a lovely, small church together with my parents, got to see The Muppets Christmas Carol and got to bed right on time for the next, busy and awesome day of Christmas-celebrations with the whole family.

3rd course christmastable

The day after Christmas my sister and I watched cute Christmas films and had a small scale takoyaki-party. Totally sweet!


Thanks to all those around me I had a wonderful Christmastime, including my supersweet bloggerfriends for sending me sweet cards during the run up to Christmas! x

*these pictures are the sort-of first batch of pictures I shot with my new camera, for those wondering! I am still using my dslr, but just not on those quickie-day-out days.
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