The Best of the Internet #21

venturing outside

This past month was crazy. So many things happening, so much shit but so many good things as well. I really, really love how the internet sometimes can really become a warm and inspiring place when people just show that they care. It’s wonderful when people put their thoughts and worries into words or action in a understanding and respectable way.

First, I got sent this a couple of days ago by a friend and I really would like to share it. I think it’s one of my favourite commercials in a very long time… if not ever. Hyundai did really great. It wasn’t really about the car, it was about life. I just hope one day it could be real, as it broke my heart as the man cried for his mother.

One of my favourites on the internet is Petra’s blog ‘Talulaah’, because her writing is just very true (it somehow reminds me a bit of Hemmingway). She wrote about her experience during and after the terrorist attacks in Paris and I found it really insightful.

Another thing I saw on the internet was during Russel Howard’s Good News (season 10 episode 05 – also worth a watch!!), and it was this lovely video of a father and son being interviewed. Here the father is helping his son understand the Paris attacks a little bit better – in just the cutest and most lovely way. Say what you want to say, but this is really, really cute. And lovely in so many ways. And I loved it.

Last month there was also a terrorist threat in Brussels, and I saw this article on the Guardian app which made me a bit happier. People sometimes can be pretty cool.

You probably all know ‘The Cat, You and Us’ blog by now, run by lovely Dani and Damaris. This is an entry on their wedding/love photography website, and it’s just really, really wonderful. A sweet and gorgeous wedding, somewhere in Spain. And they captured just all the little details. It made me “d’awwww” all the way through.

Adele does a little stunt together with Graham Norton – it’s quite worth the watch. She transforms herself a bit and ‘competes’ in a little Adele-look-a-like audition with singing involved. The other ‘Adele’s’ reactions make this so great. I know this sounds strange, just go watch it, it’s brilliant.

I found out about the existence of this particular pin-website through Sarah-Wynne. On her blog I saw this ‘Sims Hot Date’ pin and it brought back so many memories. But apart from that, they have cutesy pins from everything. I never wear pins, but if I could were pins this cool… I probably would. Dammit.

Charly Cox is becoming a bit of an Internet hero in my opinion. She does a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for some Youtube Personalities, but the thing I really like is her blog, and especially her writing. Earlier this year she had a little time in Amsterdam and documented it really nicely. But I especially liked the last part of her Amsterdam Journals, in which she beautifully curated her pictures and wrote hard an clear about her feelings and ended it off with a great bit of spoken thoughts she put on soundcloud.

Also, an annual favourite around this time of month: Sufjan Stevens’s Silver & Gold album. It’s a bit weird and out there, and I’m not always in the mood for it. But I love the vibes.


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