Playing Tourist


September was a busy month. I was being in jobs, in between jobs and getting a new job all in the course of 4 weeks. It was weird. But also a really nice month, we had visitors over from Japan and lots of meet-ups with friends (thanks Marie!). And here is one of those days. My ‘uncle’ from Japan came over and we had a little family day, playing tourist in The Hague and Delft and then went for some homey Japanese food at my favourite place to go. Not too many pictures were taken, as we sort of did a home-made Vermeer tour, and art was what we were looking at. But let’s go!


In The Hague we visited the Mauritshuis, because art is really good there. I hadn’t been there since before the renovation and it was really pretty. They have some great Dutch masters, one of them is Vermeer. Osamu wanted to see mostly Vermeer that day, so that was kind of what we did. It was nice to spend some time with family and see some great art. A day that reminds you of what you’re living for.

artworklange voorhout

After Mauritshuis we had a little picnic near the Lange Voorhout, before we quickly went on towards Delft. In Delft there is a place called ‘Vermeer Centrum Delft’. A sort of hands-on museum with some art from Vermeer that mostly goes into his way of working. The goal is to ‘discover the master of light’. So lots of in depth Vermeer information, with enlarged pieces plastered on panels. As I never been, it actually made me appreciate Vermeer’s work even more.

delft city

Delft is a cute town with old houses, little canals and lots of picturesque views. A friend of mine used to live there, and I only ever visited  the city when I met up with her. And I instantly made a mental note to go again sometime.


Ishii is a small Japanese restaurant in Amstelveen, a small town just south from Amsterdam, so yeah we did do a little roadtrip that day. We ordered so much food, and I had to take pictures just to induce hunger every time I look back on them – and now you too!

yummy saladd ishii korokke yummy stuff

Have a good week folks!


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