Kure | Japan Series Part X


I promise, I’m almost through with these posts, haha. – On this day we went for a road-trip to Kure and just a lovely ride through the countryside. My Japanese family has a little family home in the countryside where they raise crops and have a little bamboo grove. Things you can only dream of when you walk around in the big cities in Japan. It was so nice to have a change of scenery – even though Hiroshima is quite green and nature-y with all it’s rivers and mountains. It was time for a breather in between all my thesis research. A well deserved break, because even though I thought it was wonderful; the days I spend in the archives of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park were quite exhausting (and maybe even traumatizing to see, hear and read all the bad things that people had to go through at the time of the atomic bomb). But that’s for another post, here’s to the happy!! Let’s go!

country kurekure countryside

Kure is a small area a little south-west to Hiroshima. We had a lovely playlist on during the car ride (with the likes of the Kiki’s Delivery Service soundtrack – which brings really happy memories now everytime I hear it).


The town outskirts were really relaxed, it was sunny and hot for the autumn morning we were having. And we were lucky as my siter, Fumi and I ventured into the little streets to a small temple, which somehow was open because someone was there doing the maintenance work. They knew Fumi parent’s and grandparents so we could have a little look around. I didn’t take any pictures inside, because… well.. decency and respect – and probably most: living in the moment.

houses are awesometemple roof persimmon

We had lunch at this super sweet ‘fastfood’ udon restaurant. The udon was freshly made and you just picked topping, sides, soupbase etc. In my memory it still tastes like the best udon I ever had. When I look back at the pictures that were made of me I am just bright red, smiling like an idiot – that’s how happy I was to be eating it. It’s weird how some things make for such vivid memories, right?

udon place udon 2

We got into the town of Kure and were again lucky to see a little fesitval was going on. We enjoyed some zensai (basically a hot anko soup) – which was delicious. And I took a semi-creepy shot of a group of cute kids posing and I can’t not share it because look!

cute kidszensai

After that I got to visit the Yamato Museum, the maritime museum of the Hiroshima area. Lots of famous battleships were built in the port of  Kure, so there was more history to suck in. Which too was very interesting, and definitely nice for context to my thesis. Even though I was just visiting here leisurely. Super interesting museum, if you ever find yourself in the area.

yamato forgot but yummy snack is prettycute dogyum and clps

After the Yamato Museum we chilled a bit near the port. Had a little snack, and saw a really cute dog that plopped down before us and didn’t want to walk any further, to the embarrassment of the lovely owner. They were cute!! – After sitting down and enjoying the view we headed home, and I once again had one of those moments where I couldn’t be more happy about life while watching out of a train-window. Every time I see these pictures my heart beats a tiny bit faster. There’s just something about a sunset, mountains and hills at the horizon and just being in a moment.

happy place picturewindow

At home we had another great home cooked meal – and after dinner (and a great dessert!!) we got around to some calligraphy. All in all a really, really relaxed and nice day. I would forever like to thank my lovely Japanese family for their kindness.

dessert - matcha yaycalligraphy

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