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I love looking forward to Christmas. I dearly, dearly love looking forward to Christmas. One might actually say that I love looking forward to it more than Christmas itself. The trick is to look forward to the time before, and not to the actual party. As expectations always mess up your mind – and make everything a little more disappointing to me. That phrase might reek of pessimism, and I might agree with you there. But that aside, I was trying to make a point here. It’s the time before Christmas where you watch the Christmas films together with your friends and family, the Christmas shopping for cards and presents, the decorating, the innovative and weirdo cosy songs about snow and Christ being born and all the fuzzy feelings. And maybe most of all, the feeling thankful for being able to share that. The people you share it with. However busy life is, there’s always time for a bit of Muppets Christmas Carol OST in the background.

I know you guys know about my love for Christmas by now. While I know how stressful it can be, and I have to admit I don’t like the stressful bit around Christmas either (here’s where that early preparations and excitement comes in – it’s super handy to look in shops for people in September/October already before it’s hella busy). I still love it. I love the get-togethers. Seeing family and friends. I love the party planning and the making lists. I love the going to church on Christmas eve and hearing the songs and seeing cute little kids perform the story of the birth of Jesus on stage. Putting up the tree and filling it with nostalgic decorations. I love the traditions, old and new. I love the expression of love and gratitude. And even though commercialism as taking over, it’s really nice to break away from that and actually do something for or with someone else. Actually taking time for someone is like the greatest gift ever. And while I know you can ‘make time’ for someone all year round, it’s with Christmas that there’s the all the food. All the glitzy decorations in the city. Fairy-lights! Advent calendars! Tinsel! Christmas movies! The Christmas episode in a series you’re watching! The cutesy stuff in the shops! And all the lights on the trees! When driving home at night you can actually count Christmas trees when you drive through a neighbourhood. The general cosiness of all these tacky decorations are like a cherry on top.

The thing I might like most about Christmas is the hopefulness of it all. Even though your world or the whole world is on fire (especially with the horrible things that have happened in Iraq, Lebanon and France last week – and no doubt about the shit everywhere in the world), we like to stand still and share some love. While you might think it’s stupid or silly,I like to think that’s pretty magical.

All this together, that’s a bit like what I like about Christmas. I might have forgotten to mention half of the things, so please – if you’re a fellow Christmas-lover: do share! And with this I’d like to say I just put on my tiny Christmas tree. It’s November 16 and I think I’ve gone a little mad. Have good week, folks!

Fozziwig birdthis is the kind of tacky decoration I like…

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