The Best of the Internet #20: Hello November

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It’s already number 20 in this series, dammit – life goes so fast!? Also, hello November – it’s good to see you! Only two months left in this year… And can I tell you? It’s only fifty days away from Christmas. Yes. Yes, you did read that right. Boo-ya!

I take it you all had a lovely and scary Halloween? I didn’t really watch any scary stuff – I did help my sister move house. And I loved this 30-minute video from NigaHiga. If you’re familiar with him (or more specifically his ‘Skitzo’ series) you’ll know why… he’s just so punny and sharp. It’s amazing.

Last weekend, actually on Halloween(!), I also saw Spectre in theatre and it was phenomenal. I really liked the film, the characters, the plot…oh and Andrew Scott. I absolutely loved the outfit and hair and everything from Bond Girl Lea Seydoux in the movie – which led me to finding this infographic “every Bond Girl outfit collected in one infographic”.

It’s not a secret that I really like the ‘School of Life’ Youtube Channel from Alain de Botton, I’ve raved about it before. And again, this is a video on the dangers of the internet. And I can’t not share this. Please watch. – And while we’re on it… I liked these too: Matsuo Basho, Why we hate cheap things and First World Problems. All very thought provoking, and if you like what you see I urge you to dive into their channel some more.

This past month there was this ‘Women in the World’ conference, where wonderful women spoke about their life and trials and hardships and experiences. The likes of Malala Yousafzai and Cara Delevigne were present, and so was Yeonmi Park. A girl who escaped North Korea with her mother at a young age and has since let herself be heard by the world on the horrors of North Korea. I was very intrigued when I tried digging deeper last year before narrowing down my thesis subject – and now she wrote a book!! (Which I got in the mail yesterday, so more on that another time). But anyway, she too was at the ‘Women in the World’ conference and spoke, and this is the video.

Talking about women, I saw this little video from the ‘Soul Pancake’ Channel on Youtube: ‘Burka or Booty Shorts’. I think the title explains it all… It’s not that I think the video itself is very good – more so that I like their thinking and the thought-provoking questions. Choosing two ‘extremes’ in women clothing and trying to pinpoint perception.

It somehow has been a month of educating myself on things. I’ve never read anything else that ‘Le Petit Prince’ from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry…until I found this. And it’s worth a read: “Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on How a Simple Human Smile Saved His Life”. :)

And that’s all for now, folks! Have a good day!

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