Miyajima pt. 2 | Japan Series Part IX


Oh yes, it’s been awhile since last I shared my Japan pictures. It’s been almost whole year now since my trip and I’m still not ready. So maybe I’ll (finally) hurry a bit more??

Last time I shared some of the stories of my trip, I took you along to Miyajima. And because of the many many pictures that day, we’re still there. The wonderful island full of momiji manju, deer, the start fall foliage and loads of wabi-sabi feels. Let’s go!

cable car up blues pretty

We left off going uphill, into the mountains in the smallest little cable-car-carriages everrr. So while we were steadily going upwards, not only fear of heights but also claustrophobia were tiny tiny obstacles we conquered.

blues blues 2

The view was absolutely breathtaking, the surrounding isles in the sea looked like a painting. All the different shades of blue were mesmerising.

deers behindtwin miyajimadeer

Afterwards we went back down in the cable car, and the whole place was filled with a golden sunset……ah, the memories. :)

golden hour streetmirror pomegrenate tree golden hour people split 3 friend momiji manju

Tried fried momiji manju – this was with cheese filling which was really nice too!

split 2golden

We went back on the ferry and took the train back to Hiroshima for some family dinner with sushi and all kinds of delicious food.

ferry sunset

On the train home everyone fell asleep, while I just was mesmerised by the sky. Yes, it was that kind of day…

trainhiroshima station

Obligatory shot of my feet with this cute sign.

dinner 3dinner 1dinner 2

It was also a day with a neighbourhood matsuri. I’m not too sure what it was exactly about, but it was something along the lines of harvesting. We went to a shrine, and saw several plays on a stage near the shrine. It was fun to hang out and see the local customs.

play play 2

Next time you see a Japan post, we’ll go on a little road trip again! Lots of love, until soon!

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