Miyajima pt. 1 | Japan Series Part VIII

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Yes, yes – it has come to that point where you start parts within parts of the trip documentation. On my day trip to Miyajima I’ve made a couple of hundreds of pictures. And oh goody, am I excited for this! The trip to Miyajima was a great, great outing. Not only for the momiji-manju — the stunning beauty of the island is really something I’d recommend anyone to see when you’re ever near Hiroshima.

Hiroshima by tram

We left Hiroshima by tram, just after breakfast at the family. In the tram we took some obligatory snaps with the instax – and I was glued to the window to see anything really.

1 miyajima wait

Just before getting on the boat we stopped by a conbini to stock up on some drinks – and we stumbled upon these huge onigiri!

1 huge onigiri

On the boat we slowly and steadily reached the islands while going past oyster farms and just looking out to sea and mountains.

1 miyajima oysters1 miyajima boattrip1 miyajima view boat torii

When we arrived on the island there were loads of people, deer and shops featuring the momiji. A lot of shop windows also displayed the nifty machinery used to make momiji manju. Fumi took us to her favourite place to try some momiji manju – and after our first serving with tea we just had to have a second.

Momiji manju is a maple leaf shapped cake with any kind of filling (anko, custard, matcha, chocolate, etc.) inside, of course anko is my fave.

1 miyajima kitty deer1 miyajima kitty cute1 miyajima street1 miyajima machines momiji1 miyajima momiji manju

After some strolling around and our fill of momiji manju we left to explore the Great Torii and the Itsukushima Shrine. As blown away I was by the shrine I didn’t really take any good pictures. The whole thing made me think of the Tale of Princess Kaguya – obviously. It was vermilion lacquered and stood on poles. When we visited first it was dry, but later that day the tide came back and there was water. I mean… gahhhhhhhhhh!

1 miyajima torii1 miyajima torii1 miyajima temple1 miyajima sake1 miyajima extras1 miyajima bad fortune

The tide was just right when we arrived to admire – and take loads of pictures. As with the Shrine, the ceilings were very low for me – I was one of those stupid foreigners that bumped their head at least once on the hardwood...yeah... Then when we picked our fortune I got bad luck – as shown above. But oh well, we left it to hang in the shrine to leave with the gods – I’m not too sure about these customs and beliefs but it looked pretty.

After that, we went uphill… up into the forests and climbing the mountain. But only after we got ourselves something else momiji manju inspired: maple leaf shaped shells with matcha icecream inside!

1 miyajima walks1 miyajima matcha icecream momiji

We had to have a lot of energy to get up there, hehe!
(and we figured that we can’t really not try this when we see it- amiright?!)

1 miyajima leaves1 miyajima deer mountain1 miyajima park 1 miyajima fishy

Autumn was getting slowly getting in full swing and it all looked so bloody fantastic – as if walking in a Bashō book.

1 Miyajima water

And then we got to the ropeway – and we’ll have that (and the rest of this day) in part two! Until next time! x

1 miyajima smallcablecarts


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