August Schmaugust: the end of summer


Hello again! Here you see three happy siblings, just munching away the remainders of the dessert we had (vanilla icecream and anko – omnomnom) on the joyous day my brother officially became a doctor. That’s my sister, me and my brother. Whew, I kind of fell of the face of the earth for a while there, didn’t I? But now that summer is coming to an end and my one-week-break has finally begun I decided I should get back into blogging and sharing the things I like and love.

It’s always a little daunting, especially since I’ve been trying to get ‘back into blogging’ probably since the start of this year. Life has been in the way and I finally feel, now with the approaching of autumn, that I need to get more creative. And I really want to as well.

It’s always the start of September that makes me want to begin again, more so than January when we are ‘pressured’ into making our new year bigger and better and make all kind of resolutions that never really stick. It’s autumn when all the leaves turn brown, when we curl up on the couch again with a blanket. A cat. A cup of tea. Anything that warms the soul. I feel like I’m getting earlier and earlier each year on the blog, but it’s also autumn that I allow myself again to start getting excited for Christmastime. (DID I JUST MENTION CHRISTMAS AT THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER!?) And even though, surely, I am not really getting excited for actual Christmas, it’s just the changing colours of nature and the bipolar weather and the sunsets in autumn that make me love autumn so much.

Summer has been fun. It’s been hot. It’s been loads of work and quite some play (more on that later!). But now I feel the urge to blog again. The urge to make something again. And take time for it. Actual time. So here’s a heads up. Let’s hope I can stick with it!

In the mean time, I’d like to share a few things: Troye Sivan’s Wild, Joe Hisaishi 25 years Ghibli, Amanda Seyfried & Finn.