A Day Off | Japan Series Part VII

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Now, after I’ve taken some time off from blogging again and regained my senses after the whole shabang of graduating and finishing years of academic studies I decided to get a move on with the documentation of my trip to Japan from last year dammit. That sentence was too long, I’m sorry. Ok, let’s go!

After my short break in Kyoto, I headed to Hiroshima. Here’s where the second part of my research took place and where I met Fumi’s family (some the sweetest people ever!!!). Lots happening in Hiroshima, while my Japanese is rather poor and their English isn’t so good either, I think we got along really well. But more on that later! Now is just a tiny update of this rather uneventful, but very lovely day.

I arrived in the afternoon and quickly met up with my sister, who got there sometime earlier. We’d spend some time catching up, walking around exploring the city centre, doing some shopping and enjoying some Japanese comfort food together. Just an overall chill day. So here’s just a quick, small post before we get onto the next day when we headed to Miyajima where I shot roughly 300 pictures in one day.

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Hiroshima is probably best known as the first city in history to be targeted by nuclear weapons, this happened when the US dropped an atomic  bomb on the city at 8.16 am on August 6 in 1945 near the end of World War II. In Hiroshima the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park can be found in which several monuments for peace are situated as well as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (where my research took place). In that park is also the Peace Memorial Hall located. This place was really intriguing and I’d reckon you’d visit if you’re ever in the area. The library of memories is well worth a visit. You can search age or gender and people will tell you in video, audio or written about their memories of the atomic bomb. Really, really worth a visit.

But apart from that very, very dark and ridiculously interesting part of history, Hiroshima has loads to offer. It’s not just a sad place, or a hopeful place, but you can eat really wonderful things here. Like Momiji Manju, Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki and Oysters! As I’m not suuuuuch a big fan of oysters I was all over the Momiji Manju and Okonomiyaki.

I think I really like Hiroshima to a degree where it felt like a home away from home. It’s still very Japanese, but the city-scape had something European with it’s trams and the large amount of rivers flowing through the city. I really like the vibe in the city. It was lovely, human and somehow hopeful. But maybe I just imagined that with being over my ears into research about the devastation of in 1945.

If you’re ever planning on visiting Japan, I’d recommend Hiroshima so much!

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