Best of the Internet #18: Summertime Bliss


It’s been a while since I last shared my favourites. So I’ll start with the best, again here’s Tom Rosenthal because his music speaks to my soul and he has great music videos. Like… really great. More after the jump. :)

Since it’s summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought sharing this Buzzfeed thing where girls try on Victoria Secret bathing suits and try to pose like in the pictures. It’s pretty funny.

It’s so secret that I like Jamie Oliver and the things he does, especially with FoodTube and DrinksTube on Youtube. Last May was his 40th birthday. So how else to celebrate it than with a surprise party where the whole office and organisation of the Jamie brand got involved – and video it to put on Youtube. It’s pretty effing great.

Grant Snider of Incidental Comics has been a very favourite for years now, ever since I first saw ‘The Nature of Ambition’. Here’s another one I like, and it’s summer related.

I am convinced you all already are familiar with Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen?????) so this summer jam is something you probably saw coming by already – if not… let me explain. Hannah Hart makes stuff in the kitchen while drinking and making great puns and discussing life in a very light and comfortable way. Since it’s summer, and I’m not the only one seasonally inspired, she tried making Jam since it’s very summer-like (???). And with puns like “that’s my jam!”, we could only wait for the video to be made into an actual jam. And uhhh, I love it. Obviously.

Oh and since we’re on the topic of Hannah Hart. Here’s her sort of commencement speech. It’s really lovely too.

And now that I’m just sharing Youtube video’s, I really liked this Burberry Acoustic session too. It’s the Ruen Brothers with “Summer Sun”. Yeah, this is still summer themed. I told you.

This is a tribute to Super Mario Bros. And when I say tribute I actually mean… Well just click the link if you want to know about a guy who put 800 hours into crocheting a map of World One. Like, a really big one.

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