The one where I mention I graduated


Hi friends! Yes, it’s official: I got my degree! I graduated! It’s all over now! Life starts! Things… !!! No tears of relief or joy have been shed – yet. And now the big black hole of nothingness will creep in. But that’s life. It’s okay.


Last week I’ve been celebrating accordingly, and here are only pictures and fewer words. I had the pleasure of seeing my friends quite a bit this week, and I dare say I quite feel alive again. Which is good I guess. More soulsearch-y stuff next time. Here are pictures from my soiree and my several graduation celebration dinners. Thanks to the best friends and family in the world. ;)

happy time saturdayhappy times

sushi pink roses


prezzies colleagues

elzie - struisvogel

Now summer has started and I look forward to get back into blogging. Lots of love, and see you soon! x

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