An afternoon in Kyoto | Japan Series part VI

kyoto sign

After taking my first solo ride on the Shinkansen in Tokyo, I arrived in Kyoto around midday. It was hot and even though I’d thoroughly studied the map and the place my hotel should be – I was a bit lost. Rolling my slightly too large and maybe already too heavy suitcase over the pavement after asking a lovely lady at the information desk of the station, I found the hotel within minutes. Since I was staying for only one night I opted for cheap and near the station. I’ve been discovering Kyoto 10 years ago with my family, so now I decided I’d only come here to see my long time friend who’ve I met through the internet. This little break in Kyoto also meant the first half of my trip was almost done (yeah that’s right, months later I’m still not processing even half of my pictures!)

My friend Yuka is a wonderful girl who’d studied textile and fashion and some psychology. She is who introduced me to Sou Sou. One of my favourite (Japanese) shops ever (there’s also an US Sou Sou Store – for when I decided I can get over the extra amount of taxes I have to pay when I order from US Based Webstores).

kyoto lightkyoto matcha goodness

Anyway, after meeting we drove the bus and strolled the streets of Kyoto. Heading for lunch and catching up for hours in the cafe on a third floor somewhere in an apartment building. Meeting someone you’ve know for such a long time, yet meeting for the first time – it’s weird. All in all it was fun, but it was almost a bit like a Murakami novel (in a very good way).


kyooto lightsskyoto gion 2

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this day. We walked and talked for hours, visited the Sou Sou shops (bought a lot – may do a haul on that one sometime), strolled through Gion before dinner. We met up with some of her colleagues in an Izakaya and ate and drank too much. While everybody held their alcohol pretty good, I was tired and travelled and got those pink cheeks I always get after drinking. But that didn’t spoil anything. I got back to the hotel almost too late before the curfew – and slept really, really well that night before travelling onto Hiroshima the next day.

kyoto izakaya 1 kyoto izakaya 3kyoto izakaya

We had a super fun time, and promised to see each other another time somewhere in the world again.

Next up, a little peak at Hiroshima!


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