Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens

So hello, this is a short break from my unannounced hiatus. Things are a bit too much at the moment, but I just missed blogging too much just this instant and since I got my ticket to see Sufjan Stevens live in Amsterdam in September (SDKSJADF!!!) I decided I should dedicate a little post to him. And also make a little attempt of emptying my mind of the pressing things I should be doing – but if I even try thinking about it I feel some kind of dread in my stomach so let’s not. Let’s think happy thoughts and create a little happy place.

I think it was somewhere in my early teens I first heard of Sufjan Stevens – after hearing Chicago (from the Illinois album) for the first time I guess I fell in love with his music instantly. Even though some of his music might be a bit too progressive for me, I can’t really talk badly about him in any way.

Born in Detroit, Sufjan (pronounced SOOF-YAWN) Stevens is an American talent with regional roots. The subject matter of many of his songs relate to life in the Midwest. Sufjan is known for his lyrically focused and instrumentally rich songs that often relate to faith and family. His influences are ranging from folk, indie pop, experimental electronic music and the academic minimalism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. A multi-instrumentalist, Stevens plays the banjo, guitar, drums, and several other instruments like English horn and oboe. He often is playing all his on his albums, through the use of multi-tracking. He is one of the few musicians in popular music to use all these instruments.

I guess one of my favourite albums will probably be Illinois, and to cheat a little bit both his Christmas box sets (Songs for Christmas, vol. 1-5 and Silver & Gold, vol. 6-10) – which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to long time visitors of my blog. His newest full-length album in almost five years, Carrie & Lowell, released this spring. It’s beautifully tragic and I flippin’ love it.

So I made a little Spotify collection for you containing some albums and some songs from other albums – even though I don’t really like Spotify but I guessed it was to most easy option for you guys. I recommend playing this at least on shuffle and repeat. ;)

Shall we look at the moon, my little loon
Why do you cry?
Make the most of your life, while it is rife
While it is light

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