Last Days in Tokyo | Japan Series Part V

Fumi and Charlotte posing in front of the cutest shop!

Hiya guys! How are you all? I’ve decided to put last days in Tokyo into one post. Apart from my research I did do quite a bit of shopping and catching up and not so much of sightseeing so I decided to make this just a bit of a short and sweet photo blog of the few things I took pictures of before jumping on the Shinkansen to Kyoto and Hiroshima.


tokyo last venturetokyo last adverttokyo last streetstokyo last yakiniku


Since this was a third time in Tokyo we decided to venture into more unknown territory and just visit some neighbourhoods we hadn’t been before. Lots of walking and enjoying the sun. At night we enjoyed some Yakiniku in a semi-dodgy but lovely place somewhere on a first floor in Shinjuku.


tokyo last park last day in tokyo - 4


We later visited the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, which quite frankly is up there in my top 5 of museums. I really, really, like that place. Didn’t make any pictures, I just enjoyed my time there. After a week in Tokyo and doing my research I was kind of into a little time off. So after the museum we ventured into the Kinatomaru park. A lovely park next to the Budokan, that has a forest-y area with a stream (that also has lots of big spiders – eek!).


tokyo last cat


Afterwards we visited a little crazy cat cafe in Shibuya. Because you kind of need to visit some crazy cafe when in Tokyo, right? Other options were the Gundam Wing cafe (which I’d totally want to visit next time) a maid cafe (which still does seem a bit weird to me) or Moomin cafe (I still can’t believe we decided to not go – but now I’ll just have to do that next time – right?).


last day in tokyo - 3


Later we got upto meeting Fumi and Fumi’s dad from Hiroshima, who would later that week meet again in Hiroshima. They’re to most kindhearted, polite and hospitable people in the universe I’m sure. But just before that enjoyed some frappe’s from Godiva. They are so good!


last day in tokyo - 2


I don’t quite know if this was exactly in order of our days, since everything in Tokyo after visiting Yasukuni for the first time seems a bit of a blur. Staying up late to work on my research, and getting up early to venture into Tokyo sure made me sleepy. After this is my day in Kyoto where I met my long-time internet friend Yuka for the first time in real life. But more on that next time.

Be good, stay safe! I hope Easter was lovely for you, and until soon~!


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