Best of the Internet #17: Spring Forward

the first days of springSUMMERTIME! Or at least, daylight saving time! The sun comes up when I leave home for work, and is still up when I get home! The magic of spring! And why yes, I am way too excited about spring. As always. January and February can’t go soon enough, and after the first week of March (which I basically see as the first week of spring) I just want to get proper spring like you get from April onwards. The one where everyone gets hay fever – except for me, I just get ill because I think it’s warmer than it really is so I already ditched my jumper. So now I am back in my jumper but am accompanied by my snotty nose. That is like, not snotty like snobbish…….yeah, never mind.

It’s been a while but I’ve compiled a little list of links again, they’re after the jump. I hope you enjoy and have a good week!




First is a really yummy and easy one, that I actually already made myself and (not to toot my own horn) it turned out pretty great. Not only are these chocolate nut bars super yummy and easy, the video is also really cute because Cooking with Dog will always make your day. And make you really hungry.

Yeah, you might have seen (who am I kidding, you’ve seen it) #thedress. And even though I think it’s astonishing this ugly dress got so much attention in this wicked world we live in, I do am interested in what colours you saw. First time I saw it freaked my out that I saw something else then someone else, so I wanted an explanation that actually made sense to me.

This might be a bit shallow, or vain, or whatever. But somehow I really liked this leaked, unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford. Not a big fan of hers, nor of the feathery black outfit she’s wearing in the picture, but I think it’s pretty awesome how she looks irl. Like, that is an actual killer body.

Cookie Monster in the Guggenheim thinking interesting thoughts is just brilliant. No words.

I’ve had quite a lot of (unnerving?) thoughts recently, with the upcoming graduation and so on… I mean sure the future is exciting, but sometimes the pressure you put on it (and on yourself) can get a bit too much. I really, like really, enjoyed reading this article on Tiny Buddha one night I felt especially anxious about the future.

And to close this best of the internet of with something truly fine from the Interwebs: everything from Tom Rosenthal. Yes, I just linked four videos in there. If you’re short on time, or just think “no Louise, I’m not going to listen / watch 4 videos by some weirdo Brit, because reasons” then I just really urge you to watch the one I linked under ‘everything’ (that one is conveniently titled ‘don’t you know how busy & important I am?’). I do not only urge you to watch it because of that, but also the bad-ass dancing skills of the people in the video are worth a watch.



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