Ladurée at dusk: a short trip to Paris

Ladurée at dusk

As part of my resolution for this year (to ‘take a break’ and get out of my daily routine) I got myself two days in Paris a few weekends ago. Initially the plan was produced after a friend of mine shared a picture from tumblr – very casually – about a Studio Ghibli expo in the city of love. Little did she know that I was dead serious when I replied “when do we go?”.

There are a few things you can wake me up for in the middle of the night – proper sushi, plane tickets to Japan, macarons from Laduée and hmm, maybe if the house is on fire. But I guess a lot of Ghibli related stuff can be added to that list. Ever since a couple of years ago that I first watched Howl’s Moving Castle, I was sold. Now I think my favourite Ghibli movie might actually be Only Yesterday (or Whisper of the Heart) but I love them all dearly. You can imagine how I felt after hearing the news that Miyazaki announced his retirement. The man is a genius and brought me so, so much with his films. I’m not too sure if Takahata is still continuing making movies, anyone any news? (If you don’t know Takahata – and only Miyazaki, shame on you. Just go watch every bit of his movies (or at least his last one: The Tale of Princess Kaguya) and fall in love – I almost wish I was just joking).

But enough, you know I love Ghibli with every ounce of my body. So it was inevitable for me to visit the exhibition on its last weekend in Art Ludique, Paris. To be completely honest with you, I was horribly disappointed with the way Art Ludique had organised the exhibition. It was dark, really cramped and the rooms looked a bit like a basement. It was just really, really badly done. And I really don’t recommend going to Art Ludique again. But the works. Goodness! They were magnificent.

Let me explain. This was the first time any Studio Ghibli drawings got into an exhibition in Europe. Usually Ghibli doesn’t really do this – apart from their magical museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. So there were hundreds if not a thousand of drawings on display. The drawings were all made to be part of the movie. They made the “Dessins du Studio Ghibli” exhibition way worth the visit. Although I hope next time Ghibli decides to get over to Europe, it’ll be more “in style”.

paris carparisberthillon opera

Relatives of my friend live in Paris and were really hospitable and kind to offer us a place to stay. We had dinner with them both nights, and got around some shopping and a bit of sightseeing during the day. Meaning, stopping at my favourite places like Muji, Sephora, Uniqlo and well, Musée d’Orsay.

Also, Berthillon was temporarily closed. But just a shoutout to any of you there visiting Paris in the near future: it is supposed to be superb icecream (while the staff is a typical flavour of Parisian snob)… go try it out and let me know what I’ve missed.


Musee d’Orsay may actually be my favourite museum ever. They have the bestest artwork in the world, ranging from Van Gogh to Pissarro and Monet to Seurat. My favourites for sure.

uniqlo lunch

I can’t really skip a lunch or dinner at one of the neato Japanese restaurants in (or near) Rue Sainte Anne. There are tons of recommendations over there, but just make sure to either be way too early, or be willing to wait in line for a little while.

So uh yeah, that’s it! It’s slowly turning spring and  I hope to catch up on my month absence in the blogosphere soon, I’ve missed so much! I hope you all have been good. And it’s now probably time to plan my new break! Oh deary me, where to go next – for cheap?

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