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Hello February! This year my resolutions were small in size but kind of big in impact. On #1 it said read more. And while January is now officially over I still hadn’t quite figured out what my goals for this resolution were. So here I am, sharing a little list of books (only 4, for now) that I want to have read in this first half of 2015. So that I can maybe finish eight books (or more) in total this year and up my reading game again.

In no particular order, here are the books I’m planning to have read before July 1st:

Goodbye Tsugumi, Banana Yoshimoto
This book was recommended to me by a friend of mine, well actually the author was recommended and I just happened to like this synopsis most (and I had a Waterstones giftcard!?). “An elegiac story of two young cousins coming of age at the Japanese seaside, Goodybe Tsugumi is an enchanting novel from one of Japan’s finest writers” – It’s about Maria and Tsugumi. Maria chooses to go to Tokyo for university and Tsugumi invites her to spend a last summer by the sea. And then there’s something on the back about finding the true meaning of home and your inner self… but anyway, I’ll let you know if I think it’s worth your time. And if you’ve read it, or anything from this author: let me know!

Is Everyone Haning Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), Mindy Kaling
Well, it’s a bit obvious why I wanted to read this I guess. I’m a big fan of the woman and I love her show where she’s playing the role of Mindy Lahiri. Getting this book as a present for myself was kind of unquestionable. It’s a bit of a memoir, how Mindy put it herself in her (witty) introduction: “In this book I write a lot about romance, female friendships, unfair situations that now seem funny in retrospect, unfair situations that I still fon’t think are funny, Hollywood, heartache, and my childhood. Just that really hard-core, masculine stuff men love to read about.

Oorlog en Terpentijn, Stefan Hertmans
This is a book from a Belgian author who won the AKO-Literatuurprijs, it’s a literature prize in the Netherlands and Belgium. And while I’m usually not that into Dutch (or Flemish) literature, I was really into this book and what I heard about it. I got a free copy from the place I work, so obviously it’s added to my list. The book is based on some old notebooks Hertmans got from his grandfather just before his death. Hertmans never dared to open them, until the moment he did. And this book covers the story of his grandfather. A life that was proven to be scarred by poor childhood in Ghent from 1900 through the horrific experiences as a frontline soldier in the First World War and the death of his great love. I’m not sure if this book is available in English, but I’ll let you know what I think when I’m finished.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, Haruki Murakami
Oh Murakami. I dare say that he is my favourite author. While I haven’t gotten through the second book of 1Q84, I still absolutely love his work. I’m trying to collect all the stories I want to read that he’s written, as I have been doing over the past couple of years. This book is no exception. I’ve heard a lot of things about this book, that it might be depressing… but I still love the ways of Murakami. “Tsukuru Tazaki always saw his four best friends from high school as colorful, lively people who made him more than the colorless person he felt he was. Therefore, Tsukuru became depressed following his sophomore year in college when his friends told him that they did not want to be friends anymore without explaining why. He spent five months contemplating suicide.

So I think I’ll start with a not so big book first, and then hopefully slowly and steadily finish them all. My graduation takes place within this period: my thesis needs to be finished and I need to complete my internship and write another report on that. But I try not to find excuses to not do this (but I also don’t want to use these books as procrastination), so we’ll see how this goes.

How are your resolutions panning out? If you guys have any recommendations, reading tips (like, when do you guys like to read?) or just well, anything book-related I’d love to know. Happy February! x

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