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3 - street people

It’s this day in Tokyo with Charlotte, Ruben and Fumi that I miss. Looking through these pictures I remembered how absolutely brilliant the day was – and how exhausted I was when I got back ‘home’ onto the Chuo Line after we dropped Ruben off at the shinkansen back to Osaka. I can hardly say that I had one favourite day in Japan (because simply I think the days in Japan were kind of the best days of the year, if not life so far), but if I could…this one would rank very, very high.

It’s probably the fact that I was with three people that I really (like really) like to hang out with. It’s also probably the fact that we were in Tokyo all day, exploring neighbourhoods and… well it’s also probably the fact that we ate so much good stuff that day. However sad partings can be, it is amazing to be able to look back at such a brilliant day. Nothing can compare to that.

I can by no means do this day justice by just pictures and a bit of chit-chat. But for now, I guess this will do to keep the memory alive. There are far too many pictures of this day to share, and I’ve tried to limit but still I’ve got so many for you after the jump.

The day was planned by Fumi, who just put in a whole lot of good stuff we should do throughout Tokyo. And even though her schedule was jam-packed, we got around and did pretty much everything. (Thank you again, and again, Fumi!!)

Firstly we got to the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno, after we both were waiting for each other at another entrance of Ueno station (oops!). And, well, I will just show you the pictures. And tell you about it in the end. Photoheavy post alert!

3 - tnm3 - gingko3 - ueno buildings3 - cat3 - ueno buildings 2

As we had a full schedule we visited a few of Fumi’s favourite places in the museum – we all had been on previous trips (the museum is really worth at least half a day if you have the time). We got onto a stroll through Ueno to go to a very special place…

3 - store ueno3 - foooood omnomnom ueno3 - store3 - ueno yumyumOne of the best places in Ueno for some matcha and traditional sweets. – It was so good. SO GOOD.

3 - ueno park3 - bins ueno

From Ueno we walked over to Ameyoko – or Ameyayokocho. An old (and very busy) marketplace full of shops: clothing, food and food-related products, pet-stuff, everything is found here. A wonderful place to stroll around and maybe get a few souvenirs along the way. ;)

3 - ameyayokocho3 - ameyoko shops 3 - ameyoko pets first shopSo cuuuuute~!!

3 - ameyoko doggies3 - ameyoko stuff3 - ameyoko kitkat 3 - ameyoko ginza3 - ameyoko window 3 - ameyoko lunch

After Ameyoko we went to Usagiya – one of the most wonderful places (and Fumi’s favourite in Tokyo) for dorayaki. But as this wasn’t actually ‘real’ lunch but more of a snack. So we went to Sukiya for gyudon. Omnomnommm…

3 - usagiya3 - ginza ameyokoAfter Usagiya and lunch, we got over to Ginza to meet with friends of Fumi and Ruben. They recently had a baby, and while we were sitting in the cafe in Ginza I got to hold the little man. It was my first time holding a baby, and it was so surreal but magical. He also wore the cutest little “converse” socks. D’awww.

3 - ginza open street 3 - ginza meeting 3 - ginza fam

After our meeting we went around Ginza to see a few sights and to Uniqlo, a few fancy stationery shops, of which one was Itoya (my absolute favourite find so far). A magical place full of all things stationery DIY.

3 - ginza theatre 3 - ginza camera 3 - ginza dusk3 - ginza itoya night 3 - ginza itoya
After that we went to fetch ourselves dinner, stopped by Muji for a tiny little bit too. And just before dropping Ruben off we took the chance to finally sit back and enjoy some Matcha latte and Marron Latte for me. Hmm~

3 - dinner 3 - dinner takoyaki 3 - at last

As I said at the beginning, I can by no means to this day justice by only this. But I hope you enjoyed seeing it nonetheless. – There’ll be more, since we’ve just concluded the first weekend of the trip. I hope to still spread it out a bit, so you won’t hate me for the current Japan-spam on the blog. ;)

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