Another Year’s End

China Light 6

So I’ve been thinking on how to end this year on the blog. As the ending of a year and the beginning of another one comes close, I always feel as though I have to do something. Like, giving a little speech on how I experienced this past year, what the highlights were for me, and on what I want to achieve and expect next year. But as each and every year ends and the new one comes incredibly close, I panic. I mean, I didn’t really dare looking at my resolutions from last year since the beginning of July!

While I was taking another sip of my wine (found in my Christmas hamper, score!) I gave it a thought. Now I’ve decided I might give it another shot later. Maybe when the year has started and I feel all excited for our new beginnings in the world that, well if you think about it, will be kind of the same probably once the clock strikes 00.00 tomorrow night. So instead, I’m grabbing this opportunity to share my experience at “China Light”, something light and cosy to close of another year.

[edit: exciting news!! I finally seem to have solved the infamous commenting issue – I installed Disqus! – Please let me know if any problems occur!!]

So while I was still trying to recover from a Christmas overload of the past couple of days, my friend invited me to have dinner. And while we were meeting anyway, we might as well hop over to China Light. – We woke up last weekend to a teeny-weeny little cover of snow, so imagine… it was the coldest it has been this year and we were out in the cold for two hours. I never heard of China Light, but sure, it sounded fun.

China Light 9China Light 4China Light 5

So there we were, on Sundaynight in the botanical gardens of Utrecht, shuffling through the cold to see Chinese light objects of fantastical characters, flowers, animals, etc. – Believe you me, I may not sound like it (because damn, it was cold) but I enjoyed seeing those lights. – I’m no expert whatsoever on Chinese culture (heck, I only know I love me some wonton soup or congee), but it was pretty snazzy (and a lovely photo op – even though I still have hundreds of photos from Japan to share, ehrrr…umm).

China Light 3China Light 2China Light 7China Light 1

And now we’re on the topic of the end of this year and all, I cannot help myself to thank you guys. Thank you to those who are reading along without ever commenting, thank you to those who always take the time to comment, thank you to the friends I made in the blogosphere, and thank you for reading this. I hope this year’s end will be good. That the past may stay in the past and I hope that 2015 will be a wonderful year for you, for us all.

Have a good New Year’s Eve. See you next year!

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