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I’m sorry I’m taking such a long time in between posts. Thesis-times seem like mad-times – happy times though (I won’t complain!). Let’s get cracking. This is the first weekend of the trip, and with me and my siblings reunited we got up to do a lot of sight-seeing and other Tokyo shenanigans. – This post is about Saturday (and me getting back into writing and editing, sigh).


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On this Saturday, after a very pleasant breakfast in which we had little sibling arguments (as you do) and enjoyed our miso soups, we went for a drive to Enoshima. The schedule actually said Kamakura, but because of the long traffic jams and since we’ve basically been before (10 years ago) we had a little change of plans. During the drive we did some extensive DJ sessions in which we all got to show off our exceptional taste in music. I guess me and Osamu won (basically because, well, Frank Sinatra).


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Enoshima is a small offshore island, with sandy beaches and a great big watchtower with panoramic view. Enoshima is a pleasantly touristy island. The island offers a shrine, lots of fisherman’s stalls and even more funny souvenir shops. The island is surrounded by high sea cliffs, rocks and tidal pools. The pounding surf and rocks make swimming at the island rather suicidal, but you do see some people walk or fish across the exposed rocks down below.


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We went high up the watch tower to see a bit of the view during the sunny day. We couldn’t see Fuji-san, which was a shame. After getting a bit familiar with the surroundings it was time for some lunch. So we got down and found ourselves a small place with all kinds of don’s with curry and things with fish (hehe, sorry I forgot the actual names). Lunch was great though, and we got an even better dessert (which involved matcha icecream and anko in a wafer – which is basically the way to my heart).


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Ok, enough food. After getting our tummy’s stuffed we slowly walked back alongside loads of stalls to where we parked the car. A local speciality was some kind of flat board of squid + cracker. Loads of Japanese tourists were walking with these boards of at least 20 cm big. I love local things like that.


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We drove home (or back to Tokyo), all drowsy and full of sea air. To have a little bit of time to get ready for dinner. The little rascals we were, my siblings and I didn’t think of getting ready for dinner but actually got our asses over to get some purikura and to the Uniqlo that had recently opened in Kichijoji (and was situated in the same street as our place). After a bit of powershopping we rushed back to our place to freshen up our face a bit to get ready for dinner with Osamu and Fumi. – Which, in all honesty, was waaaay beyond my expectations.

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We celebrated my sisters birthday. Somehow I didn’t realise we would get sukiyaki that evening. And it was in the same, magical, place we went to 10 years ago, still situated in a basement in a back alley in Kichijoji. And we ate so much. – It was fantastic.


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