Jetlag & Ghibli | Japan series part I

1 - kichijoji walk


As one of you said in a comment to my most recent post, good things come to those who wait. And heck, I’ve waited a long time to go back to this wonderful country and visit my friends and family. That’s the thing with travelling, you’ll ‘miss’ home – but when your travel destination feels like home, your head and heart get a bit confused.

I’ve been putting off posting pictures from Japan for as long as possible since editing them made me feel a bit sad. But slowly and steadily I’m beginning to get back into the swing of things. Or well, my head/heart is. As I obviously still have my life and obligations here, so it’s not like I can lie in bed all day, drowning in misery. So, onto better things! Onto happy times! I’m here with my first batch of pictures from Japan and I’m here to enjoy looking back at the sweet memories – and I hope you will enjoy seeing these too. Thank you for your continuing support guys! x

So, this series will be containing pictures from both my phone and my dSLR. I sometimes really didn’t feel like taking the heavy stuff to dinners etc. – First up is the first day. I was very, very tired as I had been flying a whole day in the Amsterdam timezone, but the whole night Japan time. I arrived early morning (after having a really nice flight with a very nice gentleman next to me – always a plus). After getting a bus from Narita to Kichijoji my sister would pick me up – and she did. After spotting me (not hard to do as I’m quite a tall, blonde-haired person and we’re in Japan, obviously) she greeted me with “Oh hello, you look like shit!”. That was nice.


1 - tokyo loft yay


After putting my stuff in my hotel we got ourselves lunch at an awesome little kaitenzushi place. There was nothing I could want more at that time. Sitting jetlagged in a busy restaurant, hearing Japanese chatter all around me, eating incredible sushi until I got stuffed. After lunch, we rolled over to Loft (one of my all-time favourites in Japan – especially for the stationery section!).


1 - dinner kats 01 - sushi and ghibli


Later that night we got together with family and had a brilliant dinner (top picture, with the gingko-leaf-shaped hashioki) and exchanged gifts. I couldn’t imagine a better first day. Also, if you spotted Kiki there on the right, you’re aboslutely right. Because on the next day I got to go to THE GHIBLI MUSEUM!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Yes that’s right, thanks to my dear friend Yuka (who got me the ticket, thank you for ever and ever), I visited the Ghibli museum for the first time in my life. For those you know me, or just have been following my blog for quite some time, might know about my absolute love (obession?) for the Studio Ghibli works. When I saw on Facebook she got me the tickets – a few weeks before – I got a very big hyperventilation thing but luckily survived. It was all kinds of wonderful and exceeded expectations. It’s a very cute, smallsized place full of magical dreams…I mean, museum. No pictures allowed but I could not NOT get that Kiki on camera. I mean… Right?!


1 ghibli 1


I think you can only imagine how happy this sign makes me. I cannot even cope looking at it through the screen at my laptop.


1 - ghibli - front 1 - ghibli porch 1 - ghibli greens1 - ghibli entree1 - ghibli laputa


At the museum I got the chance to see a cute little short film that made me feel at home in an instant – as I was spending my time in Tokyo alone this day. (There’s something off-putting about travelling alone, especially the start I think is the hardest – when you see all kind of happy couples or groups of friends surrounding you and you’d like to share the fun with someone too). But that aside, the Ghibli Museum was a really great experience and I got all warm and fuzzy feelings inside (OH THE FEELS!). The kids jumping around the enormous Nekobasu helped quite a bit too, by just being adorable and as hyperactive as my own heart felt. Hehe.

Later that day I got to work on my research – but I won’t bore you with that for quite a bit. After which I hopped on a metro to Shinjuku for Tokyu Hands and such. Which was, again, bloody brilliant. Have I told you that Tokyu Hands is, next to Loft, one of my favourite shops??

I was invited home at family from late afternoon so that’s what I did. After enjoying the chats and snacks we got back to Kichijoji Station to fetch my brother who travelled from Osaka to spend the weekend! Epic times ahead, but that’s for another blog. During the walk we had the most amazing sunset. The sky was ablaze (shown on the first picture from this blog). And the streets were bustling, as 6 p.m. was nearing. Oh man, I love Japan. – Until next time!


1 - kichijoji walk twin

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