Best of the Internet #15


A bit of procrastination wouldn’t hurt right? – I’m currently having a really good week for my thesis, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite things of the last few weeks of the Internet with you. A little encouragement maybe, and a little taste of Christmas too! (because we can never start too early with that, obviously).


First, let’s start with this little list from A reminder of how to keep most productive. But it a very human way, and not in a “time-is-money” and “you-have-to-work-around-the-clock” kind of way. Very easy reminders, like not taking calls from blocked numbers or “Do Not Carry a Digital Leash 24/7”.

For ‘Stand Up For Cancer’ there has been a very fun collaboration with two people I am appreciating more and more: Jamie & Taylor ‘bake’ it off! There you go.

Women who want to be alone in western art history, is a little article full of pictures with very straightforward (and funny) captions based on the women’s faces.

I have to say, I really like Kirsten Dunst. And I especially like this little video with Kirsten Dunst that portraying the (kind of shitty side of) social media culture that’s taking over the world right now.

Ever since discovering ‘Always with Yoo’, I’ve been loving it. Jane has a brilliant little family and takes lovely pictures of her life, but I probably don’t have to introduce you. Last week, when I was a bit blue about not being in Japan with my friends and family anymore I saw this post on their blog. And it made me feel so warm and fuzzy and happy. So I will share it again, in case you have missed it.

Also one from last week is this video from Troye Sivan, the guy who you might know from his ‘Happy Little Pill’. About the fears and feels of creating things and being/becoming yourself. I loved the visuals and the message.

Last, but maybe the most wonderful, is the John Lewis Christmas ad! Yes, you may have seen it already. And yes, the Christmas feels are starting and are official (I mean, just look at it, isn’t it precious?). But can I just say it’s just 41 days until Christmas? Do you know what that means? No? Well, it means there are (only?) 41 more days to start listening to Christmas songs, Christmas films and getting ready for Christmas itself! Yes! I know, very exciting stuff!

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