A Saturday Up North



I really should make an effort in not being a Debby Downer when I blog. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the thesis-stress, maybe it the post-travel feelings… but I don’t feel so wonderful. Here are pictures of my little break from last Saturday when my family and I got together up north for my brother’s gf Irene pre-birthday.

We had a jolly good time. Walking through the woods (like ‘old times’) and making (and eating) gyoza at night, finishing up with a homemade matcha roll cake. Ruben, being the darling brother he is, also gave me some sachets of houjicha etc. so I could make my own brew of ice-tea for during my tedious thesis-writing.

Thanks for the good day! – Also, my Japan posts will commence soon, I promise!


IMG_7290 IMG_7295IMG_7293 IMG_7322IMG_7272 IMG_7323