Best of the Internet #14: empowerment


Hi friends! I decided it’s time for another round of link love of the previous month. After looking through my last favourite finds on the internet there’s definitely a theme going on. I’d recommend all the links below, as usual, for you to click.

On another note, yes! Autumn! It’s here! Yay for apples with cinnamon and cosy knits! Last week we still got temperatures around 20/25 degrees and now it’s plummeted to 13°C with rain and wind and everything. Brrrr! Enough about the weather. I hope you’ve been good?


It was one of my last blogs in which I told you guys about routine and living according to yourself. And since then I figured out that I am actually extremely fearful of everything. So I firstly want to share with you this and this from ‘Zen Habits’. My blog has always been my happy outlet, and a bit of a pick-me-up from time to time. But even though it may sometimes seem I’ve got everything going for me, it’s not and it’s hard. So if you need a little something-something. This post helped me a lot.

And then there’s Emma Watson with her speech for the UN and the HeForShe campaign. When I first saw it last week I thought something like ‘dammit, she’s brave and very cool’. Seeing the aftermath (or shitstorm?) now and the heavy hash-tagging I am even more impressed with her and her speech.

Food always has a high priority on my list. In my book food plays a big factor in your happiness and productivity. So I am sharing with you a recent foodblog find. Blogging Over Thyme is a very aesthetically pleasing blog with some mouthwatering recipes. Not all are very easy, quick-fix recipes for the poor student (like me), but they’re at least very inspirational.

Amsterdam is my current hometown, and it’s been for a quite few years now. I’m not at all from this place, as I have been moving throughout the country ever since I was a little baby. But it’s a stunner of a city…Even though sometimes I hate it and I want to do nothing but leave. After seeing these at the beginning of the month I realised again how lucky I am to call this city my home, for now at least.

Stuff No One Told Me was a blog in my ‘teen years’ that I always thought was fantastic. Alex Noriega drew tiny comics and illustrations about, well, life. He recently got more into painting, but all his posts are still on his website. Great if you need a little pick-me-up or want to tell someone something without actually telling them, you know? Like this, this and this.

And what would a little linklove about empowerment be without another pep-talk from Kid President? Yes, he’s still around spreading the awesome.


Happy Autumn! x

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