Midnight snacks and the ending of summer


To make things a bit more lively I thougt I’d shake it up a bit here……by actually posting something. You wouldn’t believe how many drafts of blogs are in my wordpress folder. It’s kind of depressing because so much has happened and I’ve written so many things that “don’t really count” anymore…just because I couldn’t find the words or…how should I put this…gumption(?) to just put it on the internet. Not to confuse you, it’s just past 2 am and all the drafts were good-sprited ones about pretty fun ‘stuff’ (not telling yet, maybe I’ll still post them!). But the longer you keep yourself from blogging, the harder it is to jump back in…isn’t it?

I just said it’s 2 am so just to make this an even more rambly post, let’s share some of my long awaited (?) / very belated (!) birthday snaps I took at the beginning of this month when I turned the merry age of twenty-two. Hooray!

The birthday was actually a little celebration with my family. Since I thought a little, carefree family reunion was long overdue. Carefree it surely wasn’t because, well, knowing the unpredictability of the weather and the amount of stressful situations occurring the days before my birthday some of my family members weren’t quite as ‘chilled out’ as I was about everything. But once we laid down our picnic blanket and poured the wine, all was well. So not so much picture-taking, more sitting back and enjoying the company. Ahhh~ summer days already seem so far away…

My brother and his gf had made kanelbullar (good stuff!) and my dad made his signature apple-pie. We had homemade cucumber, tuna and salmon sandwiches and… french cheese with toast, hehe! We got home from the boat-ride + picnic just before a major thunderstorm so yay for good timing!

IMG_5886 copy kanelbullar1clouds

Now I know the title of this posts contains the word midnight snacks, but that was just kind of because right before deciding it was finally time to put this post up here, I was eating the best, juiciest, sweetest melon of all summer. Maybe it was my imagination because summer is drawing to a close. But it was good. Even though I have a sort of no-fruit-policy after 4pm. – And before I forget, can I still thank you for some of the kickass comments you left on my previous post?! :)))

Maybe I should go to sleep now. Until soon! Have a good weekend, byee~!!

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